Pros / Good Sam offers unlimited towing for all plan levels.

Cons / Without discounts, it’s one of the more expensive services.

 Verdict / Though pricey, Good Sam Roadside Assistance has some of the best services available and doesn’t limit the number of times you can use them.

When evaluating roadside assistance programs, we gave equal consideration to price and the services each company offers. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is the best in terms of towing limits, service calls and the fact that they don't limit how often you can use the service.

The Auto Standard plan costs $80 a year, or a little over $6.50 a month. This puts it toward the pricier end for roadside assistance services, but it isn’t the most expensive. One of Good Sam’s advantages is it covers your spouse and children at no additional cost. It also doesn’t limit the number of service calls you can make. Other roadside assistance companies, like AAA, limit you to four calls a year.

Good Sam stands out by offering unlimited towing. Most companies limit you to 5 miles on a basic plan, and even the best reimburse you for only about $100 worth of towing expenses –those companies also usually limit the number of service calls you can make. Since Good Sam pays 100 percent of your towing expenses without mileage restrictions, it is the best roadside assistance service if you are heavy traveler, especially if you find yourself in a lot of rural areas.

You should know that Good Sam’s towing service takes you to the nearest professional service station. If you want your car to go to a different location, you pay for the mileage between the nearest center and your chosen destination.

For other roadside assistance, such as flat tires and lockouts, Good Sam pays for a technician to come to you. You’re on the hook for parts and labor though. However, the fee for the technician to come to you is one of the biggest expenses.

Good Sam’s standard plan includes trip interruption services, which reimburse you for food, lodging and other expenses if you are in an accident more than 100 miles from home. This is something that's usually only offered in roadside assistance services’ premium plans. Also, the Auto Standard plan includes up to $1,200 of trip interruption reimbursement, which is more than other services offer in their premium plans. If you opt for Good Sam’s Platinum plan, the reimbursement limit increases to $1,500.

Good Sam’s Platinum Auto plan costs $115 a year, or about $10 a month, putting it among the more expensive services. As with the Standard plan, you don’t have to pay to add family members to your contract, and it doesn’t limit on the number of service calls you can make.

Unlike most roadside assistance companies, there’s really no difference in the services offered in Good Sam’s standard and premium plans. The primary difference between the two is you get discounts on hotels and car rentals when you purchase the Platinum plan – it offers up to 20 percent off at participating hotels and up to 25 percent off at participating car rental companies.

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