Best Online Tutoring Services of 2018

Jessica Richards ·
Education Software & Printing Senior Writer
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After looking at over 20 online tutoring services, scheduling appointments with tutors, and using the payment and course organization features each site offers, we’ve curated a list of the best sites for online tutoring. Of the services we tested, we think Chegg has the best platform and scheduling options available. Its easy-to-use design gives you more options to find a tutor quickly and provides a solid platform for sharing documents, assignments, and problems with them. There are a few different payment plans to choose from so you can pick a plan that works best for you. 

Best Overall
Chegg Tutors
Chegg has a lot of tutors staffing the site, ready to help you with questions you need answered right away. It’s a 24/7 service with an up-to-date lesson suite and scheduling tools.
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Best for Advanced Coursework
Because Skooli employs grad students and certified teachers who tutor for lower prices than other services with similar hiring standards, it can be a great resource for difficult coursework.
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Best In-person Tutoring
Wyzant hosts the profiles of tutors so you can connect with them for in-person lessons, or you can use the site’s drop-in and online platform like other 24/7 tutoring services.
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Best Overall
Chegg is a fast 24-hour drop-in tutoring service where you can get help with questions or review your coursework in an online tutoring suite. Chegg stands out because the large number of tutors who work on the site get you help more quickly than some of the other sites we researched.
Once you submit a request for help, different tutors vie for your business on the site. Before accepting a session with one of them, you can browse their profile and review their credentials. The ability to chat and review their profile before accepting a session is one of Chegg’s standout features. While many services allow you to browse for tutors, you usually have to decide between getting help instantly and waiting for the right tutor to work with. When you do find a tutor that you like, you can keep track of the sessions in Chegg’s messaging system. Chegg records the lesson, chat, and notes for you to access later, which can be great for review or to ensure your child’s safety if they are working with someone on the site. Even with up-to-date learning and scheduling tools, Chegg only charges a standard, lower rate for their tutoring sessions. If you sign up for a weekly or month-long subscription, you can get rates as low as 40 cents a minute for service, compared with other programs that charge over a dollar. Chegg offers up-to-date features, fast service, and records for you to keep in your profile to facilitate continued learning. This combination makes them one of the best services available.
  • There is usually someone to help you 24/7
  • Least expensive plans are only 40 cents a minute, representing one of the lowest per-minute prices available for online tutoring
  • Can browse different profiles to select the tutor you’d like to work with
  • Some tutors are undergraduates still enrolled in school
  • Technology is a little clunky, especially when doing advanced coursework
  • Pay-as-you-go costs significantly more per minute than Chegg’s cheapest plan
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Best for Advanced Coursework
Skooli validates the credentials of tutors working for them. They only host profiles of tutors with teaching or specialized certification or some graduate education, so, if you’re looking for help with a particularly difficult course, the tutors on this site are likely to be equipped to help.
Many of the other sites we reviewed allow more peer-to-peer-based tutoring by letting students in college sign up as tutors. The credentialed experience Skooli requires means it’s more likely you’ll get someone with actual professional teaching experience. It also means the service charges more per minute than other online tutoring sites. Even though you can find lower prices elsewhere, Skooli offers good rates for the level of experience that its tutors have; other tutors with similar credentials sometimes list their fees in the hundreds of dollars range. In addition to the flat rate, Skooli uses a pay-as-you-go system. Rather than charging for blocks of time, you can pay for the time that you need. Paying this way gets the best deal for the consumer, with minimal concern about overpaying or not having enough time in your session to have your questions answered. The site’s employment requirements do have a downside. Compared with other services, like Chegg, there aren’t as many tutors online at any one time. This shortage limits your choices and means that if you plan to use the site, you’ll likely have to schedule a time to work with a tutor.
  • All tutors have undergraduate degree with a teaching certification or are grad students
  • Only has one pay-as-you-go plan for all their tutors
  • Chat filters, lesson recording and optional background checks show security bonafides
  • Fewer tutors available at a moment’s notice
  • Learning suite not as easy to use as on other tutor sites
  • 82 cents per minute, which is higher than other services
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Best In-person Tutoring
Rather than a service that hires tutors, Wyzant is a place where tutors and students can connect. What makes Wyzant different from other services is its emphasis on in-person learning opportunities. You can narrow down the search for your tutor by region, so you can meet in public and get help, rather than working online.
As a marketplace, Wyzant doesn’t have strict hosting requirements like some of the other sites we reviewed. While it keeps tutor profiles updated, it doesn’t require the same level of certification as other services to create a profile. Tutors can choose to complete a background check or take exams so they can list certain tutoring specialties on their profile, but they don’t need teaching certification to list their services on the site. The site also doesn’t charge a standard fee. The rates that each tutor charges vary, so you’ll need to keep an eye on price in addition to the other criteria you’re looking for. That said, it can be nice to use the service to find local tutors so you have a way to keep a record of your sessions and to pay your tutor’s fee. Arranging payment information with someone you’ve never met before can be awkward. But if you use Wyzant to schedule your tutoring session, you’ll be working within their Good Fit guarantee, which protects your payment for your first hour with a new tutor, and you’ll be able to keep your payment information secure.
  • Can connect with a tutor in-person rather than just online
  • Keeps payment information organized as you work with tutors
  • Online program has all the bells and whistles of other online tutoring suites
  • Qualifications of tutors vary widely
  • Background checks for tutors not required
  • No standard set price per minute
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Best Peer-to-Peer Tutoring
TutorMe is another instant-help tutoring platform – it can pair you with a tutor anytime, day or night.
The site reports that it covers over 300 subjects and employs upper-division college students as well as graduates with degrees and certified teachers. The service also partners with a lot of schools. Though it doesn’t require tutors to have advanced degrees or teacher certifications, such as Skooli or MindLaunch, TutorMe works well as a peer-to-peer tutoring system. When we tested TutorMe, we found it offers many of the same features and tools as Chegg, our best overall pick, including an up-to-date learning suite and video and live chat. We also really liked the security measures the site takes to protect both students and tutors. The system monitors all tutor-student interactions and flags problematic discussions for everyone’s safety. You also can’t arrange in-person meetings with tutors on this site. Because it’s a 24/7 service, you can live chat with a customer service representative to get answers to questions, though you can also refer to the site’s FAQs page. While we found lower per-minute prices on other sites we reviewed, TutorMe’s clean design, helpful tools and large pool of tutors means you can get help quickly.
  • Instant help
  • Ample security and protection for both tutors and students
  • Up-to-date, easy-to-navigate site
  • More expensive than our best overall pick
  • Automatically pairs you with a tutor, so you can’t choose who to work with
  • Tutors don’t need an advanced degree or teaching certification
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Why Trust Us?

We realize the experience you have with online tutoring comes down to the effectiveness of the individual tutor that you’re working with. But because we can’t find the single most amazing tutor online from thousands of online profiles, the best that we can do is evaluate the platforms that host them. We compared pricing and payment plans to find you the best deal on tutoring services. We’ve also made sure the services we recommend offer support and are easy to contact if you encounter any problems.  

How We Tested

To find the best tutoring services, I began by researching online forums looking for services that treat students and tutors fairly, and I perused dozens of sites to get acquainted with the best tutoring software available on the web. After creating a login, profile, and account at each site, I read through the application processes for tutors to find out the requirements for each site.

I scheduled online sessions using the software and met with tutors online to discuss their experience with the programs. I browsed tutoring profiles and checked privacy and safety features, and I also read the honesty and academic learning policies each site has in place to encourage real improvement in students’ performance. Because academic institutions take dishonesty very seriously, it was important to ensure these sites have an ethical code that prevents tutors from doing the work for students.

Choosing an Online Tutoring Service

We think the best sites are those that hire their tutors based on their credentials, like Skooli or MindLaunch. You’ll want to find someone with teaching and tutoring experience before entering a session. You’ll also want to check out the safety and privacy policy of the tutoring service in order to protect both you and your students and to manage your payment options securely.  It’s also worth it to check to see if the site you’re using has a guarantee that protects you from having to pay for a bad first session with a tutor.

There’s a lot of technology that makes sharing information easier than ever. That said, even the most cutting-edge tutoring suites require some patience and know-how to use. Make sure you use the free trials and the demo learning suite tools to make the most of your experience before signing up for a certain number of minutes or entering into a payment plan.   

If you’re looking for help with a problem immediately, you’ll want to use the drop-in tutoring features of Chegg and TutorMe, another peer-to-peer tutoring service. These sites’ employment standards aren’t as high as others, but if you’re in a time crunch or low on funds, these are good go-tos. If you have a bit more time or need more involved help, you can schedule ahead with someone who has more teaching experience on sites like Skooli, or Mindlaunch, another site that requires teaching credentials before hiring.

You’ll want to watch for payment plans that require you to pay a lot upfront. Though pay-as-you-go plans tend to be a bit more expensive than purchasing a package of hours, it might be worth it to use this option to make sure you’re happy with the service and your tutor.