The last time we looked at online tutoring services, Eduboard performed better. You can still find tutors for a lot of subjects and it has a lesson suite, but in a lot of other ways, it hasn’t kept up with its competition. The response times are much longer compared with Chegg or TutorMe, and the site isn’t as well organized or designed as other tutoring services.

Just like on many other tutoring sites, you need to fill out a text box with a detailed description of your problem. After you post it, you receive responses from tutors along with links to short profiles that let you know what subjects they cover and their areas of expertise.

When we asked for help on the site, we couldn’t set the response time any lower than eight hours, even when we used the quick answer portal on the site. Although, after we posted the details about our assignment, it typically took just over an hour to get at least one response. If you want to use this site for help with homework, make sure you plan ahead to accommodate the wait time.

Eduboard hires college seniors as well as graduates. In addition to having to wait a bit longer to get a response, those we did receive from tutors weren’t as professional as on other sites. For example, because I minored in Spanish, I asked a Spanish homework question so I could test the skill levels of the tutors I interacted with. A tutor contacted me who only spoke Portuguese but thought they could probably handle a 101 assignment. I was happy that the tutor was honest about their specific knowledge but wouldn't want to use them for a real for-credit assignment. While you get to choose your tutor on Eduboard, the smaller number of responses means there's fewer options.

When you create an account on Eduboard, you don’t have to enroll in a monthly payment plan – you can use your account as much or as little as you would like. The fees on this site are set by the tutors, so you have to look around to find a price that is in your budget. However, Eduboard handles all the transactions, which is important because it protects your financial information when you use the site.

The tutors have variable pay rates that coordinate with their level of experience. You can pay anywhere from $2.00 to over $100.00 for a half an hour session. Sites that offer flat rate fees by the minute are better because tutoring costs can start to add up fast when tutors set their own prices.

Eduboard offers a money back guarantee that your grades will improve, but we read the fine print and found you can’t really count on it. You have to jump through a lot of hoops and use the site regularly to actually prove that you didn’t get better grades after working with a tutor on the site. Because the service actively advertises this feature, it is a bit misleading to potential users.

There are hundreds of platforms to choose from when looking for an online tutoring service, and we found sites that have more tutors and faster response times. Eduboard needs to upgrade several of its offerings to be competitive with the best options out there.

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