Wyzant is a platform that lets students and learners connect with local and online tutors. Based on our testing, we think it’s the most reliable in-person tutoring scheduling hub available right now. If you’re looking for someone to tutor you locally, using Wyzant to get started is a good option.

Tutors post their profiles on the site, and they get to charge what they want for their service, unlike with Chegg or TutorMe where the site charges a flat fee per minute – Wyzant just takes part of the tutors' fee based on the number of hours they work each week. There aren’t credential requirements on the site, so before allowing a tutor to claim knowledge in a specific subject area, the service requires that they pass a proficiency quiz or written examination or provide proof of their education.

The main benefit of signing up for the service is the site securely handles your payments and tracks and monitors sessions for personal review and safety. You have to create an account and enter valid credit card information to begin using the site to connect with potential tutors, and Wyzant encourages you to use the lesson suite to track the session.

Because you have the option of meeting the tutor face-to-face, the site has some additional safety information and features. The service (and we) recommend only meeting with your tutor in a public location. While it’s great that the site does a lot to emphasize these additional safety measures, I did feel a little wary because it doesn’t run background checks on its tutors – it just suggests that the tutors provide them. You can see whether your tutor has done a recent background check on their profile, but it’s not mandatory. If you, as the user, want to check the background of a tutor who has not paid to keep their profile updated, you have to pay $7.99. You pay the same amount each time your run a check, and that can start to add up.

Also, in the information about security on the site, Wyzant describes what you actually get for your $7.99 service fee. The company uses an online hub that collects background information, but because the hub isn’t a government organization or regularly updated, information can be outdated or missing altogether. This is certainly better than nothing, but because of the cost and limited information you get back, it would be better if the service made background checks mandatory for all of its tutors.

Like many other tutoring sites, Wyzant has an ethics policy that prevents tutors from getting paid to do your work for you. The site also requires that tutors uphold Academic Honor Codes at schools and universities.

The platform and online lesson suite are comparable to those on some of the best online tutoring sites. You can use video or text chat to conduct sessions, and Wyzant furnishes the suite with all the graphing and text editing tools available in other programs.

The site charges a 7-percent service fee for each lesson, in addition to the tutor’s rate. We were surprised by this transaction fee the first time we saw it, so be forewarned. The site’s Good Fit Guarantee protects your first hour with a new tutor. If you don’t get the help you need, the service will issue you a refund. Wyzant also allows you to post a review of your experience, and each tutor leaves a summary of your interaction on the site.

Wyzant’s site is up to date, and the lesson suite is easy to use. We’d like to see a few improved safety measures on the site like mandatory background checks. Still, if you need one-on-one help and are trying to find a tutor in your area, Wyzant can protect your payment information, and it records your sessions with your tutor for later use.