Chegg is an online textbook company that rents and sells textbooks and eTextbooks. This company also offers test prep services and tutoring and studying services. We rated Chegg as the best online textbook rental site for eTextbooks because of the flexible rental terms it offers and the ability to access a Q&A section through its eTextbook platform.

When you’re selecting your eTextbook rentals, you can choose to rent them for 90, 120 or 180 days, or buy a permanent electronic version that doesn’t expire. Those rental terms are much more flexible than many of the textbook companies we reviewed; some companies don’t offer permanent electronic versions. Chegg uses its own app for eTextbooks and you can download your books on iOS, Android, PC or Mac.

Unfortunately, for physical books Chegg only offers semester and quarter-long rental periods. Other companies we reviewed offered much more flexibility.

One nice benefit this online textbook rental company offers is the ability to read a free eTextbook while your physical book is being delivered. Chegg also offers an in-app Q&A section where you can browse question boards and find answers from Chegg subject matter experts. If you have questions of your own, you can also submit those questions and receive answers.

When we rented a physical book from Chegg, we were impressed that the book came in a complete box that can be reused to send your rentals back. Additionally, Chegg threw a gift of some laundry detergent single-use packs in our box as well, which is a nice gesture that’s perfect for college students. Chegg ships free if your order is over $50, so it’s a good idea to order multiple books together to qualify for this rate.

Perhaps the biggest positive we noticed in our textbook rental review of Chegg, however, was the 30-day free extension that’s available if you need it. All you have to do is fill out a form online. If you need even more time you can pay extra for another extension.

Chegg is your best choice if you want flexibility and features while renting eTextbooks. The addition of a generous extension period and study helps make this a great place to rent college textbooks.