MyHeritage is the most affordable ancestry DNA test that we reviewed. This company has good matching tools but lacks most of the features that 23andMe and use to help you understand your DNA results. If you’re looking for least expensive option, this company is a good choice. However, for just a little more you can purchase a test from and get access to the largest DNA database and more personalized web features.

To collect DNA samples for this company, I had to swab my cheek with two cheek swabs for 30 to 60 seconds each. MyHeritage included a handy vial to store the wet swabs and a padded envelope to send the vials to its lab. Unfortunately, this was the only company we tested that didn’t include a prepaid envelope or box. It didn’t cost that much money to send the envelope for testing, but we preferred companies that had everything ready for us to pop the samples in the mail.

This company took the second longest to upload my DNA results, but I received a notification that Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas in August 2017, affected MyHeritage’s lab and delayed testing. Other companies sent me an email when they received my sample, but MyHeritage only sent me an email when my results were ready.

One great benefit to this company is that you can upload DNA results from other companies for no charge. If you’ve tested your DNA with, FamilyTree DNA or 23andMe, you can upload your DNA to MyHeritage and take advantage of its database and family trees. You’ll need to request access to view the trees of your matches, but this is only one of two companies we tested that gives you the ability to upload results from other companies.

The biogeographical ancestry portion of MyHeritage has a simplified feel, but it gives you the basic information about your country-level ancestry. Unlike the tests at and 23 and Me, this test only showed countries that represented major percentages in my heritage and didn’t show smaller portions of my genetic makeup. One fun thing about this test was the video-style intro to my DNA admixture. Each major region in my DNA was matched with music from that region.

The matching portion of this company was very intuitive. My closest matches appeared at the top of the matching portal. With one click you can view the family tree of your match and search for common ancestors. MyHeritage also estimates your relationship based on the amount of DNA you share with your matches.

If you’re interested in exploring your DNA at a basic level and getting access to a large database of potential DNA matches, MyHeritage DNA is a good choice. The biogeographical ethnicity estimates are less complex and detailed than those from and 23 and Me, and they also lack the personalized details of Ancestry. If you want more information and access to a larger database, we suggest you purchase a DNA test kit from

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