Pros / The emergency education information is comprehensive and valuable.

Cons / There are no water sanitation tools in its survival supplies.

 Verdict / Even though it provides some solid survival information and dietary choices, there are still a few features missing from eFoods Direct.

eFoods Direct is a food storage service with survival information and food options for a plethora of crisis situations. While there are long-term food storage services with more offerings, eFoods Direct still has enough emergency food and survival advice to help anyone interested in preparing for a disaster.

Like many services, eFoods Direct stores its long-term packages in bulk food storage containers, including its entrees and a la carte choices. Its survival food storage items include essential meats, fruits and vegetables, along with specialty vegetarian and gluten-free products. Most of the food is either freeze-dried or dehydrated, which makes it last longer than canned items. Entrees, including casseroles and breakfast meals, come in packages, along with soups. There is also an emergency food estimator, which is easy to use, particularly if you have more than one person to plan survival meals for.

This store does not offer seeds for growing food nor does it offer preservation tools for canning or dehydration, but it does sell empty storage containers if you want to add some of your own food to your emergency supplies. There is no drinking water in cans or pouches nor any equipment specifically designed for water sanitation. Desalination treatment and water filters can be valuable if you do not have a reliable drinking water source during an emergency, so it's a concern that eFoods Direct does not provide a definite way to keep water clean in a crisis. SOS Survival Products has some of the best water solutions of any service in our lineup.

One of eFoods Direct's best assets is the educational material it provides for crisis situations. There is information about your food supply and topics such as how to keep yourself warm in a weather-related emergency. There is also info about less common situations, like how to care for a pet in an emergency.

Those articles come in addition to the FAQs page, which goes in depth about storage information, including what temperature food should be stored at for long periods of time. If you have additional questions, you can also contact the service via phone or email. The site offers live chat as well, which connects you directly to company representatives during business hours. eFoods Direct also has a Facebook page with deals and new articles on food storage and survival.

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This store is less of a one-stop shop than we prefer generally, especially with a lack of preservation and water storage options, but there is a good emergency food selection that even includes gluten-free, organic and vegetarian options. eFoods Direct has a lot to offer anyone looking for a solid supply of entrees and helpful emergency preparedness information.

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