Pros / The pay-as-you-go plans are a nice option for offsetting the cost of preparedness.

Cons / There is no drinking water for sale on the site, which will be important if you do not have river or other water nearby that you can purify after a catastrophe.

 Verdict / Food Insurance could use more choices for special dietary needs like peanut- and soy-free but generally the selection is good and there are lots of options for payment, which is convenient.

Food Insurance lives up to its name with a strong selection of meals for food storage. This survival food service aims to keep you and your family healthy whether you suffer a natural disaster, go camping for the weekend, or, as we found out, just don't want to take the time to cook and need quick, great-tasting meals.

This service primarily focuses on the freeze-dried method for long-term food storage, though it does have a small variety of dehydrated food. Its emphasis on freeze-dried food works to its benefit. The taste is noticeably better than most dehydrated meals we tried. The Food Insurance offerings are more geared to all-inclusive meals as opposed to separate, freeze-dried ingredients.

The emergency foods are available in both a la carte form and as packaged deals that will last one month or up to one year, depending on what you buy. The company has meats, soups, beans, dairy and so on. We didn’t find many choices for specialty diets like organic and soy-free, but there were a few gluten-free options at least. Honeyville Food Products is a service that sells quality ingredients that you can use to create your own meals, with a selection of vegetarian, kosher, gluten- and lactose-free products.

Food Insurance does not have individually packaged drinkable water pouches or cans, but it does have a great supply of water-filtration bottles and desalination treatments. As part of its larger emergency food storage package, the company includes a full survival kit with your shipment, including an emergency stove. It also offers bulk food storage containers as well as group rates for large organizations. The pay-as-you-go program is a wonderful option if you do not want to have a huge expense right as you are beginning to organize yourself for food storage. The initial investment can be thousands of dollars if you are buying for a whole family.

The preparedness education from Food Insurance is helpful and easy to find. The blog is organized so that you can find information related to specific topics. Customer service is completely open through every contact channel. You can reach out to a representative on the company's social media pages and by phone, email or the online contact form. The live chat is fast and friendly, with representatives who are educated about the site and survival food storage in general.

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Food Insurance is a great service that is willing to educate you about emergency preparation and let you try samples of its food to win you over. The company is not the best food storage service you can find if you prefer to use single ingredients to prepare your own meals, but the taste and ease of its premade meals is hard to beat.

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