Pros / The site is well organized and easy to navigate for both food and educational information.

Cons / There is no drinking water in cans or pouches, which is essential for food preparation in an emergency.

 Verdict / You will not be disappointed in the quality of PrepareWise's meals or the amount of preparedness education, though it lacks options for growing and preserving your own food storage.

PrepareWise is a decent emergency food supply service with plenty of basic products. The company is a useful option for you if you are looking for easy camping meals or trying to prepare for emergencies with long-term food storage. This service does a skillful job of combining great-tasting meals, survival food and facts with excellent customer service.

The meal options are extensive and varied. You may not be able to keep these long-term food storage packets around, with tasty and tempting options such as pasta primavera, white bean chili mix and spicy corn chowder. PrepareWise takes pride in selling dishes that emphasize healthy eating. Each dish has low cholesterol, low fat and low sodium. Also, the company doesn't use MSG or trans-fat in any of its recipes.

Though PrepareWise has great-tasting emergency food, the service rates lower than some because it falls short in a few areas. Whether you're harvesting after an emergency crisis or just doing upkeep on a vegetable garden, garden seeds are normally a valuable part of these companies' product lines. We were disappointed to not find any seeds available in PrepareWise's supply. There is also a lack of canning or dehydration equipment for preserving your own food.

This store also leaves out some people with specific dietary requirements like peanut allergies and lactose intolerance. And you would have to shop at another store to get water for storage. This store sells a few filters for getting drinkable water, but it is wise to pack some drinking water in cans or pouches, too, just in case you are not by a water source in an emergency. SOS Survival Products has healthy, well-preserved food offerings and the best drinking water solutions on the market.

The website for PrepareWise is easy to use and navigate. You can search by category to find what you need. The categories are broken down by type of meal and serving size. If you are looking for a gluten-free meal selection, you don't even need to use a search bar, because it's clearly marked.

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PrepareWise has a unique recipe collection and several great-tasting meals, which you may be tempted to eat instead of save. While the selection for gluten-free products is impressive, there is not much for those with other dietary restrictions. The missing options in terms of seeds and water are also a shortcoming, but this store is still a worthy addition to our lineup.

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