Pros / It’s GEDCOM compatible.

Cons / The website isn’t intuitive and looks outdated.

 Verdict / We found this genealogy website to be hard to use and doesn’t give you access to as many resources as many of the other sites we tested.

OneGreatFamily’s genealogy search interface isn’t very user-friendly and with fewer than 1 billion resources it has the least of any we tested. It also required a membership but you do get a 7-day free trial to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. Frankly, it’s probably not what you’re looking for.

This website looks dated and isn’t easy to use. We actually had to read through the quick start guide to figure it out whereas with, for example, it was pretty clear how to use the website’s various functions. On OneGreatFamily, you create an “anchor” person and can build a family tree from there by adding individuals connected to that anchor. Being able to add several anchors means having several different family trees if you’re doing some research for a friend, which is nice, we’re just not sure why they had to go with that terminology. You can also save and upload your family tree as a GEDCOM file.

The “handprint” feature shows you a person’s close relatives, we’re just unsure why the handprint analogy is relevant. The website also has widgets for showing you on a map where births and deaths in your family happened, a migration calendar and lists of other information, though it’s not very user friendly. The GenealogyBrowser is a downloadable piece of the website so you can build your family tree offline, though we couldn’t get it to work. On the site’s FAQ page there is a list of potential error messages and solutions, so you might have more luck than we did.

Whereas with other sites we were at least able to get a couple hits for two or three different families, OneGreatFamily couldn’t find anyone we searched for in their existing database, and we entered the names of eight unrelated people. This is most likely because all of the information you can use from OneGreatFamily comes solely from other users, so if nobody in your family or of distant relation has used the site you’re going to come up empty handed. The site does tell you there is more information potentially available, but it sends you via hyperlink to other genealogy websites like MyHeritage and GenealogyBank.

Every person you add to your own family tree has the box automatically checked to invite them to check out the tree, which is a little annoying because who wants to spam their entire family with emails about your genealogy research. Overall, we just weren’t impressed with OneGreatFamily.

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