Pros / It has a mobile app that you can use to book hotels.

Cons / You can’t get notifications about price updates.

 Verdict / OneTravel is a solid service that lets you book hotels, cars and flights at once. It wasn’t as good at finding value as some other services we tested, though.

OneTravel is a basic hotel booking service. We didn’t find as many deals with this one, and it had some noticeable limitations when compared to better services. Unlike Expedia and Orbitz, it doesn’t have a rewards program.

When we searched for hotels using OneTravel, with Los Angeles as our destination, we found about 1,000 results – a little below what other services found, but not significantly lower. OneTravel presents all the usual ways to filter and sort your results. You can sort by price, star rating and special offers. One nice feature is a breakdown of the average price by star rating.

We found the distance-sorting tool to be somewhat frustrating, at times not displaying results or showing what it was sorting distance from. Our frustration was lessened by a nice set of filters that let you only look at results that are close to the neighborhood or landmarks you want to visit.

OneTravel has a mobile app that lets you book hotels from your phone. It doesn’t offer a price match, so you won’t get refunded if you later find a lower rate. There’s no feature that will notify you if the price is reduced before you stay. These aren’t deal-breakers because they don’t happen all the time, but they do offer extra flexibility when planning your trips.

You can bundle flights, hotels and rental cars into packages. These are customizable and can be adjusted based on budget or desired location. We were able to find some deals that saved us a lot of money. If you’re particular about your cars, take note: The package will pre-select a car for you, so you’ll have to change it manually if you don’t like the default.

OneTravel doesn’t offer a rewards program. If you sign up for a membership, you’ll be given access to special, members-only prices. We noticed that OneTravel was generous with coupons, often giving us discount codes as we searched. Still, we do value rewards programs in a booking service. A good rewards program lets frequent travelers earn back some of the money they spend on travel. Visit Site


OneTravel makes it easy to find the hotel you’re looking for. Though it couldn’t find as many low prices as other services, it is generous with discount coupons. Visit Site

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