Pros / You can find hostels and backpacker hotels through Travelocity.

Cons / Travelocity doesn’t have any members-only pricing.

 Verdict / Travelocity is great for finding hotels and combining your flights and car rentals, but doesn’t offer much extra.

Travelocity is one of the most well-known names among hotel booking sites. Travelocity is owned by Expedia, which also owns Orbitz, and those sites are very similar. Travelocity doesn’t offer a rewards program, but you can book through a mobile app and find hostels or apartments to stay in.

When we searched for hotels in Los Angeles, our testing area, Travelocity found us the most selections of any service. It has many options for filtering and sorting your results so you can find the best hotel for you. The basics are all here: You can sort by price, rating and distance. Travelocity has some sorting tools others don’t, including a search for member discounts.

Filters can be set up so you only see hotels with certain amenities, or that are located by certain landmarks. You can also filter by type of accommodation. This is particularly useful to budget travelers who can find hostels that are much cheaper than standard hotels.

The search results also compare the price with other booking services such as Expedia, and Hotwire. The results for the hotels we found matched up across the board, but it’s nice to be able to compare prices.

In addition to renting hotels, you can also book flights and rental cars. Travelocity expands on those usual options by also offering cruise booking and tickets to attractions and tours in the area you’re traveling to. If you’re unsure what’s available in the area, Travelocity has a section that presents you with experts’ recommendations.

Booking a hotel/flight/car combo is relatively simple. You pick the room first, then the flight and lastly the car. You’ll see the price at each step and can adjust as necessary. Booking these together can net you significant savings. It’s important to know that package doesn’t cover additional fees, such as airline baggage fees.

One of Travelocity’s main drawbacks is the lack of a rewards program. Not having one doesn’t make the service bad, but it does mean frequent travelers won’t find as much value as they can with other services. Unlike some other services, Travelocity doesn’t offer member prices. Visit Site


Travelocity offers more than the standard hotel/flight/car combo, expanding that to include cruises and attractions. You can also easily compare prices with other services. Visit Site

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