Pros / The plans all come with 60 minutes of international calling and free calls to Puerto Rico and Canada.

Cons / Wait times for support are a little long with this service.

 Verdict / Broadvoice delivers good international calling services with many features that make it a useful service for most small business owners.

Broadvoice is a leader in phone plans both for local and international calling. This company is now part of the Phone Power family and uses the same reliable network for making international calls. It provides a variety of features that are designed to meet the needs of any small business owner and offers international plans at affordable prices and low monthly rates.

While it lacks certain advanced features that the top-ranked product has, it makes up for it with exceptional service and a reliable international phone plan network. This service's features and flexibility make a great choice for your business needs.

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Service Plans

Broadvoice offers three levels of international plans for you to choose from. The first of these plans is the World plan and available on a month-to-month basis; this keeps you out of long-term contracts and gives you the option of discontinuing service without facing a steep penalty or cancelation fee. You also have the option of upgrading your plan at any time. The World plan provides you with unlimited in-state calling and unlimited calling to 28 countries, including China, Thailand and multiple European countries.

The next step up in plans is the World Plus, which has all of the basic features that come with the World plan but offers an additional 47 countries as part of its unlimited calling. The same is true of the most advanced world plan, World Premium, which allows you to call a total of 87 countries. All of these plans are available at low monthly rates so you can choose the right plan for your business without worrying about breaking the bank.


Setting up a call with Broadvoice is easy. You can use the softphone provided by the company or set up a hard phone. Hard phone setup is easy; you simply plug the Broadvoice adapter into your modem and then plug in the phones you wish to use into the adapter. After setup, you can place and receive calls just as you would with any other service; there is no need to input calling cards or connect with a third-party service.

When we tested Broadvoice, we got excellent results and clear calls with little to no feedback or echoes. This service also did a good job at filtering background noises and static. All our calls went through without issue and were not dropped.

In addition to clear call quality, Broadvoice offers many features that we were looking for in international calling plans. With each plan, you get free international minutes. This means if you have to make a call that is not included in your World plan, you can still talk for up to sixty minutes before incurring any international charges per minute. Another feature we appreciated was the online account management. While most international calling plans offer this feature, we found the Broadvoice online platform to be especially user friendly, with a clean design and clearly marked icons.

The ease of use and quick setup make Broadvoice a good choice for small business owners that do not possess a lot of IT knowledge and don't want to waste time by hassling over setting up a phone.

Help & Support

The only place where Broadband falls short with help and support. While the live chat feature is extremely useful, we found that wait times are longer than average. We had the same issue with questions over email; sometimes the responses would be within one business day but other times we had to wait for two to three days before receiving an answer. Other services like 8x8 resolved our issues much more promptly. When we did receive answers, though, they were very helpful and answered our questions completely. 

In addition to live chat and email support, Broadvoice offers phone support where you can reach someone based in the United States seven days a week. This is useful because if something goes wrong with your service or you need assistance, you do not have to wait until the next business day. The knowledge center also provides support for setup or basic questions that you might have when using this service.


Overall, we found Broadvoice's plans to be reliable international calling services that enable you to reach out to multiple countries around the world without having to worry about frequently dropped calls or losing call clarity. This service is a good choice for meeting the international calling needs of your small business.

Broadvoice World Unlimited Compare Quotes

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