Pros / Buzport makes it possible for you to start a call using SMS messaging.

Cons / Email is the only way to reach a Buzport customer support representative.

 Verdict / Buzport provides several services for placing phone calls such as mobile applications and international callback.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about international call services here.

Buzport is an international call service that is helping make the world a little smaller. Through their large selection of services and easy-to-use interface, this call service offers several of the items you need to make quality phone calls from across the globe. Although Buzport does lack a few key features and does not offer the cheapest prices for international calls, it allows you to place VoIP calls and start a phone call by sending an SMS message.

Service Plans

One advantage to using Buzport is the variety of services they offer. One of their key services is the Buzport application for mobile phones. To place an international call on your cell phone, you can download Buzport software onto your smartphone or you can begin the call by first sending an SMS message. To start a call by SMS message, you send a text message to a number provided by Buzport, stating the destination number. Before you use the SMS feature, however, you must first register the numbers in your Buzport account for the call to be placed. After you send the text message, the service will call you. When you answer the call, your destination number will automatically dial. The process is fairly slick, but it only works if you take the time to first enter numbers in your Buzport account.

This international call service also offers VoIP calling and the ability to call from a PC to a phone. One of the biggest disappointments we found is there is no free call option for placing free calls within certain countries or to other Buzport users.


Buzport offers cheap rates for 228 countries. You can call landlines, mobile or internet phones using this service. If using the internet call features, you can also create an online phone book so you can store all the phone numbers you need, including your own, so your numbers are handy and you can keep your information organized.

Unfortunately, this service lacks several of the key features that would make this international call service one of the top ones. There is no ability to forward calls to a phone of your choice, nor are there any speed dial functions. Buzport also does not provide toll free 800 numbers, which are ideal for business purposes.

Help & Support

Buzport is easy to use. This international call service uses the callback functionality to place international calls. This means when placing an international call, you dial a number provided to you. You let the phone ring once and then hang up. The company will then call you back and when you pick up the call, it provides you with a dial tone, letting you know you are connected to the company’s network. You can then dial the desired number and receive the cheaper rates. We like the callback functionality but were disappointed direct dial was not an option for placing a call.


The large selection of services gives Buzport a great advantage compared to several similar international call services. This company does not offer the cheapest rates available, but they offer the ability to create VoIP calls or PC to phone calls. And you can even start calls using text messages. Buzport is an easy system to use, and it's a good solution for international callback.