Pros / There are no monthly, connection or cancellation fees with this international call service.

Cons / Cellular International charges some of the most expensive rates for international calls.

 Verdict / Cellular International offers basic calling features such as direct dialing and VoIP calling.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about international call services here.

If you are looking for a basic international call service, Cellular International may have what you need. This international call service provides VoIP calling, exceptional customer support and direct dialing. This service could make several improvements such as lowering their rates, implementing mobile applications and adding a larger selection of features.

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Service Plans

Cellular International does not charge any monthly, maintenance, connection or cancellation fees. However, the rates this international call service offers are some of the most expensive we saw on a call service. Calls could be 15 to 18 cents more expensive than several competitor services.


We were disappointed this international call service does not provide a larger variety of features. They do offer calling rates to 222 countries, which is similar to several of the top call services. Cellular International is also an ideal call service for businesses. They provide toll free 800 numbers. These numbers allow individuals from around the world to call you free of charge. The charge of the phone call goes to you. Having this type of phone number makes it ideal for clients or associates to contact you on a regular basis.

Cellular International lacks several call features such as forwarding phone calls or using the service in multiple languages. We were disappointed there was no additional language support and all navigation when using the service, and the website, must be in English.

Help & Support

Direct dial is the method Cellular International uses to place your international calls. This process works by first dialing an access number provided to you by the call service. Cellular International will then welcome you to the service and prompt you to dial the number you are trying to reach. The drawback to using the system is everything is prepaid. You pay an amount at the beginning of the month for the number of phone calls you plan on making throughout the month. Prepaying can become a hassle, particularly if you end up using more minutes during the month than you expected.

When signing up for the service, you receive an account to help keep track of your phone calls and the amount of minutes you have left. You can view your call history, available minutes and the money left on your account.


Cellular International does not offer a large selection of services or features that would truly enhance this international call service. And although they provide expensive rates and lack live chat capabilities, this international call service offers VoIP calling, toll free 800 numbers and direct dial capabilities. This international call service provides you with the basic features and tools to make phone calls without all the bells and whistles.

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