Pros / The unlimited World plan gives you access to landlines in 67 countries.

Cons / Setting up the softphone with this service is difficult and time consuming.

 Verdict / Overall, InPhonex provides good international calling services and unlimited usage to certain landlines.

InPhonex is a telecommunications company that provides both residential plans and international calling plans. These plans and services are well designed and can help meet your needs as a small business owner. With the unlimited World plan, you can place cheap international calls to 67 different countries.

This service offers one option for an unlimited international calling plan: the World Unlimited plan. If you choose this plan, you have three different options for payment. You can decide to pay one lump sum in the beginning of the year, to pay quarterly or to choose a simple month-to-month plan. When you begin service with InPhonex, you have the option of choosing a new number or you can import your existing number to InPhonex's service. The company even has a place on the website where you can test to see if your number will be easily transferable.

Using InPhonex is relatively easy, though setup was not as seamless as some of the other services we tried, such as 8x8. While we had no trouble placing local calls, we had great difficulty placing international calls and received error messages. In successful calls, clarity was average overall.

The online platform is difficult to use as well. The screen is cramped and some of the icon labels still leave confusion as to what a certain action accomplishes. For example, there is an Account Information tab as well as Plan Information tabs. Other tabs take you to a completely new login screen when you click on them. Overall this platform is very difficult to navigate and not user intuitive. If a user-friendly online platform is important to you, check out Broadvoice instead.

Certain features we looked for are also missing from InPhonex's wheelhouse. Even though this service does not charge an additional fee for a softphone, it is very difficult to set one up. The company webpage provides links and step-by-step walkthroughs for setting up a softphone, which would be helpful except that the screenshots and instructions do not match the actual interface of the third-party software you are asked to download. The addition of a softphone would be much more useful if it was included as part of the online platform and did not have to be downloaded separately.

Help and support options provided by InPhonex are minimal. If you want to directly contact customer support, you can do so through phone or email. When we tested the phone and email support, we did find the representatives to be responsive and knowledgeable. The website does have a detailed FAQs section, but the document is not searchable. So, you have to dig through information before you can find exactly what you are looking for.

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InPhonex can meet most of your international-calling needs. The service offers an effective and unlimited World plan that provides variety and contain the most commonly used phone features. Overall, InPhonex is worth considering.

InPhonex World Unlimited Compare Quotes

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