Pros / Phone Power offers three well-designed international calling plans.

Cons / Phone Power charges a high cancellation fee compared to other providers.

 Verdict / This service has the best international calling services and offers three plans, complete with a variety of features and ease of use.

Phone Power, based in California, was founded in 2005 and provides phone service to users in the United States. This service provides a range of plans to meet the needs of small business owners, including its World plans that allow you to place international calls.

This company provides some of the best international call services that are easy to use and provide a level of clarity in the international calls that we found to be unmatched by other services we used. Phone Power also offers a lot of calling features that we were looking for, like an included softphone that makes placing calls from anywhere extremely convenient.

With its reliable international call capabilities, it ranks among the top of the services we reviewed. Because of its performance, customer service and extra features, Phone Power is our pick as the best overall VoIP international calling service.

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Service Plans

Setting up service with this company makes international calling extremely easy. We were able to fill out the forms on the website with little issue, and when we did require assistance, Phone Power customer support was responsive and reliable.

This company offers a variety of service plans that range from home services to small business needs and provides three levels of international calling plans. The plans offer unlimited minutes to select countries, a mobile app and software phone options. Each plan is available at low monthly rates, designed to help your small business place local and international calls at affordable rates. Though, we did find the cancellation fee to be higher than other services we reviewed. Low monthly rates are extremely useful, because even the smallest businesses in today's world need to connect internationally.

The basic World plan includes 28 countries that you can call without incurring international charges. The other plans are a step up and allow you to call 75 and 87 countries respectively, which is more countries than InPhonex and many other services. All of these have features that we are looking for in international call services, including month-to-month fees and Puerto Rico and Canada being considered domestic.

With this service, you can keep your existing phone number, depending on your current carrier, or choose a new one to use. You can even choose a different area code than the area you live in. For 911 services to work with this system, you update your address information manually so that in an emergency situation, help knows where to find you when you call.


When we tested Phone Power by placing multiple international calls, the service performed exceptionally well. Feedback noise was low and the calls were clear on both ends of the phone. This service also performed exceptionally well at filtering out background noises produced on the other end of the line.

Other useful features included are conference calling and the ability to transfer calls. Other features we noticed that go beyond typical phone service are remote voicemail access and a free second line that allows you to make and receive phone calls using the same number. Other services, such as ITP, charge for extra features like these.

Help & Support

We found the help and support provided by Phone Power to be extremely useful. Whenever we interacted with this service's customer support, we received prompt answers both through email and over the live chat feature available on the company website. Over email, we often received responses within the hour. The help and support offered by this company is all based in the United States and is available seven days a week, so a representative will always be quick to respond.

We found the FAQs and searchable knowledgebase to be extremely useful for quick questions and for in-depth help and support. The knowledge center is a great addition to an already substantial help center.


Phone Power provides three well-designed international calling plans all with the features we were looking for in international calling plans and exceptional clarity and quality, all for affordable prices that benefit you. It is a good choice for your small business network if you frequently place international calls.

Phone Power World Unlimited Compare Quotes

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