Pros / VOIPo is easy to set up and use.

Cons / This service does not provide an unlimited world plan.

 Verdict / VOIPo has most of the basic features we were looking for in international call services and provides high-quality calls, even though it does not provide an unlimited world plan.

VOIPo provides international call services and residential plans for small business owners. These plans are designed to help keep costs low while being able to make calls to international numbers. VOIPo has many of the user features we look for in international phone plans but lacks an unlimited world plan. While some of the best international call services provide unlimited minutes to certain numbers outside the U.S., VOIPo provides you with 1200 minutes of international calling.

The international calling plan is available as an upgrade on your small business' phone plan. The upgrade is available for a low fee and can provide ample savings if you make numerous calls outside the country. As mentioned above, this plan includes 1200 minutes of international calling to up to 40 countries that are listed as Package Eligible. Countries not included in the international plan package or calls that exceed your 1200 minute allotment will incur international calling rates. Surprisingly, even Puerto Rico incurs international rates. If an unlimited international calling plan is more appealing to you, check out Phone Power or Broadvoice.

Setting up VOIPo is easy. You simply plug in the adapter sent by the company to an existing phone set or one that you purchase from VOIPo. After you connect your adapter to the internet, you are notified that it may take up to ten minutes for your system to connect. This was interesting, as none of the other systems we tried gave this message.

You can view your calls and all of your account information in the online platform called the VPanel. Overall, the online platform is effective but not as user intuitive as other services we reviewed. We had to look around before we could find certain features and even had to use the live chat feature for assistance finding options.

VOIPo performed very well in our call-quality tests. We could clearly hear our contacts and they were able to clearly here us as well. This was highly impressive since one of the locations called was in a remote area in Australia. While VOIPo provides an option in the VPanel for softphone activation, it does not include a softphone as part of the online platform like we were looking for and like some of the top international calling services do. The same is true of a mobile app. While VOIPo does not provide its own mobile app, it is compatible with a third-party app that you can download on your phone.

Help and support options include phone, email and live chat support. When we tested the live chat, we found agents to be responsive. They provided accurate answers to our questions and were able to help guide us to certain features in the VPanel. While there is a FAQs and support section on the company's website, it is hard to navigate.

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Overall, VOIPo is a good choice in international call services. Though it does not provide an unlimited world plan, it does provide clear call quality even to remote locations. If you do not think your international calling will exceed 1200 minutes, VOIPo could be a good selection for you.

VOIPo 1200 International Compare Quotes

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