Pros / SMARTBOX is the most affordable moving service in our comparison.

Cons / Local delivery times are long.

 Verdict / SMARTBOX is a good budget option if the one container size and slow delivery times work for you.

During our evaluation, SMARTBOX had lower prices than more well known services like U-Pack. Its one container size is on the smaller side, though, so for larger moves you need to reserve multiple containers.

We got quotes for moves of three different distances: a few miles, several hundred miles and a few thousand miles. For each scenario, SMARTBOX's quotes were among the lowest, with prices lower than the average by as much as several hundred dollars. Especially notable was the price for a local move, which was the lowest of any company we looked at. Another important thing to note is that these prices are for two containers. If you’re only renting one, the prices are even lower.

SMARTBOX also has a price match offer, so if you get a better quote, you may be able to get a lower price. It also has discounts for college students and members of the military.

Unlike PODS, which has three container sizes, SMARTBOX only has one size. Its containers are 8 feet long and have enough capacity to hold one and a half rooms of furniture. This makes them ideal for smaller apartment moves. Larger household moves would probably require multiple containers.

You can also use SMARTBOX containers for storage. This is helpful if you’re remodeling a home. You can even store the container in your driveway. The moving cost includes one month of storage, but if you want to continue storing there’s a $159 monthly fee, which is about average.

We also looked at how long it takes for the containers to arrive at the destination. It takes about 10 business days for a longer move and between two and five business days for local moves. Five days is longer than any other service took for local moves, so if you need a quick turnaround, look for another service.

SMARTBOX can also provide loading or unloading assistance. This costs about $120 an hour, with a minimum of three hours. This is an optional service so you can choose to pack and unpack your containers yourself to save money.