As an Expedia+ member, you qualify for several rewards and, Expedia lets you earn and use frequent flyer mile points through your airline and credit card reward points along with your Expedia rewards points. Expedia gives you the option of redeeming rewards points for travel or donating them to St. Jude Children's Hospital to help children with cancer

Expedia's online travel site lets you can book flights, vacation packages, hotels, cars, cruises and activities. The search features from the homepage prompt you for the most important information first. Then you can filter the results for the best hotels, flights and rental cars based on your preferences. Filters include arrival or departure times, amenities or car type and rental service. If you're booking an entire vacation package, we recommend you search through Travelocity's website because it makes booking packages easier than most other sites.

Expedia's search format features additional details about flights that you can expand to learn more about transfers, layover times, etc. Providing this information up front allows you to plan your trip with confidence. To search for flights across more airlines we recommend searching through Orbitz because it displayed the most flights in our research.

While cancellations and itinerary changes can be a pain, if you discover a problem with your travel plans within 24 hours of booking, you can cancel most flights booked through Expedia. Unfortunately, free cancellation only applies to this short period. If you catch a problem or want to make changes after 24 hours, you may be subject to fees or only receive flight credit instead of a full refund. Many of the cancellation and change policies through Expedia are subject to airline or hotel-specific policies, so your ability to cancel or change will vary.

One of this travel website's standout features is My Scratchpad. This tool tracks and saves your notes on your travel searches. This is a great tool to use if you fly to the same destination frequently or you're just waiting for the right time to book a dream vacation, because you can watch prices rise and drop for the same routes over time and buy when the price is low. When you access the My Scratchpad tool, you can see the prices for the top results in your common searches, and it's easy to repeat your search if you want to recheck prices or check the prices for different dates. This saves you time and gives you a price to compare to new search results.

Expedia's free mobile app works on both Android and Apple platforms. When you download the app, you'll be able to book hotels and flights, view your itinerary and catch deals exclusive to mobile users.

Expedia provides fare and reservations to destinations around the world. Deals from the mobile app and website help customers save money on all types of booking. While the searching and online booking process from this online travel service is easy, it can be difficult to resolve issues completely if you run into a problem.

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