Priceline is a well-known online travel site that focuses on all aspects of your vacation – not just on flights or hotels. Priceline lets you book cruise vacations, too. Its website is easy to navigate, and you have several options to find great deals for flights or hotels using the Name Your Price tool. Another option is that Priceline can pick a flight or hotel for you. With this last feature, you are shown the details of your vacation after you have made and paid for your reservations. If you prefer to be in the driver's seat over your vacation planning, Priceline offers competitive rates and transparent policies.

Searches on Priceline begin like all online travel sites: Whether you're booking a flight, car, vacation package or a cruise, the homepage prompts you to fill in some basic information such as travel dates and destination.

The hotel search yields plenty of results for destinations around the world. While you can't sort by hotel chain, you can narrow results based on star rating, price range, amenities and more. From the hotel page, you can view crucial information about the hotel, photos and guest reviews. Each hotel profile also lists hotel policies like cancellation or check-in times.

Flight searches on Priceline are equally easy to conduct and refine. Once you enter passenger information, Priceline provides special deals at the top of the page. These are best to look into if you're searching for flights and hotels or want to name your own price.

Priceline's most notable feature is the Name Your Own Price feature for booking hotels, flights and rental cars. This system allows you to place a bid of your ideal price for these reservations. When you name a price, Priceline gives you a suggested price range. The price you bid through Priceline reaches airlines that then either accept or reject your offer. If your price is accepted, the airline and Priceline then use the payment information you gave during bidding to purchase the reservation. If you don't want to deal with this hassle, we recommend purchasing flights through Orbitz because it searches the most airlines. 

The Name Your Own Price system has its advantages, but there are disadvantages in the fine print. For example, although you can select the cities and dates you arrive and depart, you won't be able to choose the time for your flights. You also won't know the name of the hotel you've reserved until a hotel has accepted your offer.

This travel website provides most of the helpful search tools, like flexible date searches and calendar-style date selection. However, if you have trouble remembering flight arrangements, Priceline does not send travel reminders.

Whether you bid for the best price or scroll through the Priceline options, you can purchase travel protection for any booking you make through Priceline. This protection covers you in case of unexpected cancellation or itinerary problems, and it covers cancellation fees and booking new reservations under special conditions. For example, if your flight is canceled due to natural disaster, your cancellation fees and new reservation are covered.

Priceline also has a mobile app for booking flights, hotels and rental cars. The app is optimized for both iPhone and Android users. If you use Google Wallet, you can pay for your reservations directly through your Android phone. The mobile app also gives you access to special coupon codes and promotions. If you are trying to use rewards to book travel, we recommend you book with Expedia because it accepts most airline and hotel rewards points and because you can register to get points on your Expedia purchases as well. 

Support options on Priceline cover all the basics. If you have questions about your reservation or while booking a reservation, you can use email, phone or live chat to connect with a customer representative. The FAQs section for this online travel company is the best place to go for quick answers.

As far as travel websites go, Priceline offers the essential reservations like flights, hotels and rental cars. Standard searches make it easy to navigate and find what you're looking for, but the Name Your Own Price plan is Priceline's signature method.

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