Pros / Spirit Dental will partially cover implants with no waiting period.

Cons / If you generally only need regular dental preventative care, you will probably not save money with this insurance plan.

 Verdict / While Spirit Dental offers a large variety of plans and benefits up to $5,000 in coverage a year, its premiums and expenses are designed so that in most cases, you do not save money on dental care by having this insurance unless you need more than the average care.

Spirit Dental offers several dental insurance plans, with some benefits. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get a maximum payout up to $5,000, and up to three cleanings a year. Plans also cover major services such as bridges, crowns, root canals, dentures and child orthodontia. Spirit tailors plans to individuals, families or seniors. While it has extensive coverage for major dental issues, the premiums are priced so that you don’t see savings if you only use it for standard dental care.

We defined "standard dental care" as two exams with X-rays and cleanings a year. We ran multiple quotes over several zip codes, as pricings differ depending on where you live. We then checked the average price for these services without insurance, comparing them against how much you'd pay in premiums and deductibles and determined savings. This was the only insurance company we reviewed where we consistently paid more for the insurance than if we'd purchased the services outright. As a result, if you usually have healthy teeth, you may want to consider one of the higher-ranked dental insurance companies on our lineup.

If, however, you have more serious dental needs that may call for root canals, intense treatments for gum disease, implants or dentures, then this insurance may be right for you. These services are all covered immediately upon purchasing a plan. The first year, however, the coverage is low – only 25 to 50 percent of the cost of the procedure. It goes up significantly in the second year, however. One other nice feature is the lifetime deductible. That means that once you reach your deductible, you will never pay that fee again for the entire time you have Spirit Dental. Most companies reset the deductibles annually.

It's easy to get a quote online, and its network of dentists is one of the largest we reviewed. You can find dentists in multiple specialties on the website, although you should always confirm with the dentist's office that it still accepts the insurance.

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Spirit Dental has a lot of benefits for those who require more than the usual dental care: lifetime deductibles, up to $5,000 in coverage, no waiting period and coverage for major dental issues. The premiums and copays are such that you may lose money over a year if all you use this plan for is regular dental care, but it's worth considering if you know you have major dental procedures in your future.

Spirit Dental & Vision Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks

Sample Pricing – You Pay

0 - 50%
Root Canal
Fillings - Lowest Price
50 - 90%
Simple Extraction
50 - 90%
0 - 50%
20 - 30%

Estimated Average Yearly Savings

1 Person
2 Person
3 Person
Average Savings Before Co-pays & Other

Average Monthly Premium Ranges

Lowest Premium - Average $26.00
Highest Premium - Average $45.00

Customer Service

# of In-network Dentists
Online Customer Portal
Online Claims Tracker
Pays Out to Provider Directly
Easy to Understand Contracts
Mobile App

Sample Terms & Conditions – Plans Vary

Standout Feature
Coverage up to $3500
Annual Maximum - Enrollee
Waiting Period
Reduced Coverage
Deductible - Enrollee
$100/ One-Time
Deductible - Family of 3
$300 Lifetime
Cleaning Frequency
6 Months
Bitewing X-Rays Frequency
12 Months
Full-Mouth X-Ray Frequency
36 Months
Sealants - Up to Age