Infinity Auto delivers adequate car insurance to those who have credit issues or who have been involved in accident judgements. The company understands that everyone needs automobile insurance and works to find a policy that will fit your needs.

If you have been court ordered to obtain an SR-22 form, Infinity Auto Insurance can help you follow the right procedures to keep you driving legally. The company charges a small filing fee, depending on where you live. Once the company files, you generally receive the certificate within a few weeks. This form tells the DMV that you have purchased the right amount of liability insurance required by your state. In order to obtain the SR-22 form, you must have an active policy through Infinity in place. You simply ask a customer service representative to file the form for you.

If you require an SR-22 form, your insurance premiums will probably go up. Infinity offers a variety of discounts to keep your insurance costs down. These discounts include a multi-car discount, safe driver discount, paid-in-full discount, electronic payment discount, a switch-and-save discount and a good student discount if you are under the age of 25. If you stay with this insurer through the required length of time for your SR-22 insurance, you may see your premiums go down once the form is no longer required.

The length of time you are required to have an SR-22 form is determined by the DMV in your state. Once you file, as long as you keep your policy active, the SR-22 remains in effect. If your policy is canceled or you fail to make your payments on time and your policy is suspended, the company must notify the DMV. This can result in stricter penalties against your driver's license and may even result in the loss of your license. Usually you are required to keep the SR-22 insurance active for at least three years after the court has ordered it.

Infinity Auto Insurance offers high-risk insurance policies and SR-22 forms to those who need them. Along with the form, the company can help you locate discounts that pertain to your situation in order to keep your costs to a minimum. The company also offers a variety of other services for drivers, including roadside assistance and life insurance.