The General offers discounted car insurance and high-risk insurance to those in need. This insurance company can assist you in obtaining the proper documentation to maintain your auto insurance and help you get back on the road legally.

The filing fee can vary depending on which state you live in. In order to find out exactly how much your insurance policy will be how much the filing fee for the SR-22 form will be, you should ask the insurance agent when you ask for a free quote. The cost of the SR-22 filing is typically added to the cost of your insurance premium, so you do not have to pay it separately. The company may add renewal fees in with your premium, so you do not have to worry about renewals when it is time.

The General works with a variety of insurance carriers and brokers across the country to help you obtain a low insurance quote. Until your circumstances change you might not qualify for additional discounts. Once you no longer need an SR-22 form with your insurance policy, your automobile insurance premium will decrease automatically. If you aren't allowed to drive but are still required to have an SR-22, the company can help you obtain this form.

The length of time you are required to file an SR-22 form varies depending on the severity of your offense and the length of time required by your state. If you do purchase auto insurance and obtain an SR-22 through The General and you cancel your policy before the termination date, the company must file an SR-26 with the state to notify them you no longer have insurance. In many cases the state DMV will suspend you license until you find another insurance policy and obtain coverage. Some states require you to pay for your entire policy premium up front so that you do not have a lapse of coverage during the court order.

The General can help you get past your serious driving offense and help you obtain insurance to keep you on the road legally. The insurer can help make filing for your SR-22 simple, and the company can search for additional discounts to keep your costs down.

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