Pros / AIG covers trip cancellations if your carrier or tour agency goes bankrupt.

Cons / The website has a clunky quote interface and lacks information about filing claims.

 Verdict / AIG has lower-than-average prices for the trip insurance plans we evaluated, but the website made getting quotes and information about plans and claims difficult.

AIG, American International Group, offers Travel Guard travel insurance at prices at or below the average of the top agencies we reviewed. Its maximum payouts are below average for most of the common conditions, but it offers reimbursement for cancellations due to financial default. It offers concierge and other services over the phone, but the online interface and website are outdated and difficult to use. If this is an important feature for you, Seven Corners is a company with a user-friendly online interface.

AIG's website lists insurance plans for a wide variety of trip types, but we found that some of the specialty plans were just the regular plans renamed. You can use the online quote system from the home page to get the plan information you need. However, the quote request interface was difficult to navigate, and you'll need to drill down to get to a download of the policy itself. There is no online method for filing claims, nor is there information on the type of paperwork you need to supply. Overall, we found the online interface of this agency the worst of those we evaluated.

Pricing varied not only by age of insured and plan, but also by your state of residence. It was the only trip insurance company with such a large state variation; with other agencies, only age had an effect on prices. On average, the prices were slightly below average, even with state variation.

The insurance coverage itself is at or just below average compared to the other top agencies we considered. The maximum payouts are smaller - $25,000 for medical expenses as opposed to $100,000 for most of the carriers, for example. However, they are still adequate for most situations. In addition, this agency can cover you if your carrier or tour company goes into financial default; not all trip insurance agencies do this.

AIG can advance you hospital fees to ensure you get care, assists, but does not pay for, replacing lost prescriptions, and can arrange medical evacuation in emergencies. This insurance offers a rental policy for vehicles.

A useful extra benefit is identity theft assistance to help you obtain credit report records so you can keep track of issues with your credit rating that may result from your ID or credit cards being stolen on vacation. The agents can also help you replace lost or stolen medications, but the insurance does not reimburse you for the costs.

AIG has 24/7 assistance from translators and concierge services that can help with sending flowers to someone, lining up tickets to events, arranging for tee time at golf courses and more.

AIG Travel Guard Visit Site


AIG's travel insurance premiums were among the cheapest we priced, but the amount of coverage was also somewhat lower. Nonetheless, they are sufficient for most situations you may encounter while on vacation, and this vacation insurance agency also includes rental insurance and insurance against cancellation due to financial default.

AIG Travel Guard Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Claim Filing Process

Delayed or Cancelled Flight
Lost or Stolen Luggage
Above Average
Cancelled Tour or Planned Excursions
Medical & Emergency Cancellation
Local Hospitalization Coverage
Secured Evac Payout

Help & Support

Cancellation Policy
15 Days
English-Speaking 24-Hour Telephone Assistance
Sample Contracts Online
Local Agents Available

Sample Rates

2-Person U.S. Cruise
2-Person France Vacation
2-Person International Adventure
Average Percent of Trip Cost

Emergency Medical Benefits

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Up to $500K
Medical Expenses
Up to $25K
Pre-Existing Conditions Waivers (Days)
Dental Coverage
Prescription Assistance
Emergency Companion

Quick Picks

Standout Benefit
Annual Plans

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Up to 150%
Delay Compensation
Up to $750
Minimum Trip Delay (Hours)
Missed Connection
Up to $250
Lost Luggage
Up to $1000
Luggage Delay
Up to $300
Miles or Reward Card Reimbursement
Trip Cancellation - Any Reason
Flight Ticket Change
Financial Default