Pros / The color quality is wonderful.

Cons / There are a limited number of photo gift options available through this photo printing service.

 Verdict / AdoramaPix has decent features, but it is not the best site for photo clarity or gifts.

AdoramaPix is one of the best places to print photos in color. The colors in every picture sample we received were very close to the original pictures we sent in. There are also some great features on the site, and many of them are just as good as those on our higher-ranking sites. Unfortunately, the service is hard to use and the photos we printed with AdoramaPix lacked clarity.

The color quality in AdoramaPix's prints impressed our testers, with the hues and tones appearing almost exactly the same as the original image. However, some images had problem areas where colors became slightly lighter or darker than the original photos. The images were all a little too blurry for our tastes, but the color was still superb for an online photo printing service.

The prints we ordered shipped very fast and got to us a couple of days before the photo prints from competing services. If time is tight, that could make this service more attractive.

Most photo printing services have a variety of features to help make your photographs better, and AdoramaPix does fairly well in this area. There is an online photo sharing option, and you can easily import photos from Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and Amazon Photo directly from the site. Photos can be printed in glossy or matte finish, and you can have high-resolution downloads on the site. With most printing services, it is easy to log in and view your previously uploaded images, but AdoramaPix makes this task difficult.

We found it problematic and even tedious to locate our uploaded photos when revisiting the site. This is because unlike other online photo printing sites, this site sets an expiration date for your photos, so unless you set up your account to store them in the Photo Galleries section they might get deleted. In addition to this problem, there is no button within the homepage or any of the dropdown menus that allows you to access the Photo Galleries page. We found the easiest way to access it was to Google "AdoramaPix Photo Galleries" rather than trying to find it on the site.

If you only want to print pictures, this site will be useful to you, but some options are missing in the photo gifts. There are not any clothing prints available, which is odd, with so many customers from clubs and teams flocking to printing sites. It doesn't offer jewelry or accessories such as key chains either. Calendars and greeting cards are available, as well as metal prints designed for a desk setting. You can also use this site to build your own photo book. AdoramaPix seems more like a site for people who want to display their photography rather than commercialize it, most likely in a home or office environment.

The service falls short when it comes to support features. There is a Support button near the top of the homepage, but when you click on it, it takes you to a page with a FAQs tab and a Video Tutorials tab that are void of any information other than the titles. It could be that AdoramaPix is in the middle of updating this page, but in the meantime, the inability to access this support page is a huge shortcoming for the site. We were eventually able to find our way to another FAQs page on the site, but the information only pertained to photo books. AdoramaPix does have email and phone services, but there is no live chat. No overnight delivery service is available, although there is a two-day option. That being said, AdoramaPix's photo orders have always been delivered to us faster than the other photo companies' orders.

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AdoramaPix definitely has a lot of things going for it. Aside from the slight blurriness, the photo quality is wonderful. If you want to find a sleek and professional-looking way to decorate your office or home with pictures, this is a great site to help you do so. You might experience some annoyance when navigating the site, but if you are willing to be patient you will be able to upload and order decent photo products.

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