No matter how you store your photographs or home video cassette tapes or how well you take care of them, they eventually degrade and deteriorate. Having them professionally scanned into digital files is a good way to ensure that you never lose them. FotoBridge’s photo scanning services include the option to scan your photographs in high-quality formats that potentially last forever.

FotoBridge produces scans in 300 dots per inch (dpi) unlike other similar photo scanning services that can produce higher quality 600 dpi scans for no additional cost. If you want your digital images in 600 dpi quality, you have to pay a premium. Its plans provide only a certain number of scans for one set price, and they include backup to archival-quality DVD disks.

With FotoBridge’s scanning services, your home video cassette tapes and 8mm films can also be transferred to digital video. You have to ship your cassettes to the company, where the films are put through a machine to transfer to DVD. This means that you have to use a courier service to ship the package. While insurance can help ensure that you’re compensated in the event of a loss, you can't be compensated for the loss of those memories if anything happens to the packages en route.

Your old photographic slides and negatives don’t have to be lost to time either. FotoBridge can protect those as well with its slide scanning services. The cost for this depends on the number of feet of negative images, as they are dismantled before transferring. During this process, the film is cleaned up and enhanced. It’s also repaired if necessary.

FotoBridge also offers to put your videos on a hard drive for you in digital format, but this comes at a much greater cost. Depending on the length of the videos, the hard drive can range between 320GB to 1TB in size. You need a computer to use the hard drive. The resulting file is in AVI format and is editable, so you can make any changes you need to once you get it back.

FotoBridge’s photo scanning services are a good choice that includes free return shipping. While priced at the lower end of the market at a basic level, you do have to pay extra for premium features. This company offer basic photo scanning, as well as restoration and the conversion of other media such as VHS to digital files.

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