ScanCafe’s photo scanning services are one way to keep your memories alive for years to come. With services that include photo restoration as well as VHS cassette tape and photographic slide scanning, this photo scanning company can preserve your memories and home media.

The photo scanning services offered by ScanCafe include restoring your old family photographs and putting them on disc or printing them. It can also work with your old photographs to remove scratches and blemishes. This includes correcting color imbalances on old prints to get rid of fading and off-coloring.

To use some of ScanCafe’s photo scanning services, you need to upload your digital photographs for the company to offer a quote for the services you want. Other media, such as video tapes, slides and negatives, have to be mailed to ScanCafe. This means, of course, that you have to trust the only copy of your memories to a courier service and hope they don’t get lost during shipping.

ScanCafe offers a value kit for its photo scanning services that helps you save money. When you choose this service, the company ships a value kit to your home, complete with tracking information via UPS. The company ships the kit within 12 days of you ordering it. Once you ship your tapes or photographs to ScanCafe, though, it takes between four and eight weeks for processing, and another two to three weeks to actually get them back.

As part of ScanCafe’s value kit scanning services, you are able to share your scanned photos on Facebook. However, you don’t have the ability to review or delete your scans, so you need to be careful what about you send in the kit. ScanCafe also spends only three minutes maximum on each photograph, so there’s a chance of getting back imperfect scans.

The cost for using the value kit photo scanning service varies depending on the number of photographs you send in and the type of enhancement you request from the company. It also has a minimum order amount, which means you have to spend more money than you may have planned just to use the kit.

If you have old photographs or home videos you want to save for your children and grandchildren, ScanCafe’s photo scanning services are one preservation option. With the company’s policy of only spending three minutes per photo, however, expect to pay a premium for what may result in lower quality restorations and scans.

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