ScanDigital offers a number of helpful photo scanning services that let you restore and keep your precious photographic memories. The company takes your negatives, film and photographs, and scans them into high-quality digital files so that you always have a backup copy and won't potentially lose your memories.

This photo scanning company also accepts complete photo albums for scanning. It has the ability to carefully remove your photographs from the album, scan them into high-quality 300 dots per inch (dpi) or 600 dpi digital images, and return your album and scanned photographs to you. While you don't have to dismantle an album to ship, it does mean that you have to ship the entire album and take the chance of it getting lost or damaged during shipping.

If you have 35mm slides or negatives, ScanDigital is able to convert those to digital files as well. Files from these sources are generally larger format than standard scans and result in images between 2,000 dpi and 4,000 dpi. Again, this requires sending your slides or negatives to the photo scanning company and relying on standard shipping couriers to not lose or damage them.

ScanDigital manually processes all photographs by hand to ensure the resulting scans are of the highest quality possible and edits the scans to make sure the coloring and quality are correct before sending them back to you. In order to ensure quality, your photographs are viewed by three different technicians. Once your photographs are prepared by the photo scanning service, you have access to them in an online gallery where you can view and share them with friends and family. Keep in mind that any photograph you share may find itself in the public view, though.

Your home videos and cassettes aren’t safe from degradation either. Over time the magnetic tape breaks down, eventually leaving behind tape that no longer plays. When this happens, your precious memories are gone, unless you use a photo scanning service like ScanDigital to back them up to DVD or CD. You have to send the tapes to ScanDigital, which means you rely on a courier or the postal service, but the company is capable of transferring a variety of formats, including VHS, MiniDV and BetaMax tapes. As part of the service, your video is transferred with scene detection, which means your resulting video has separate navigation chapter points.

ScanDigital’s photo scanning service is on choice you have when looking for a secure and easy way to save your photographs and home videos. The company offers an extensive variety of services for photo and video transfer.

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