Pros / You get very accurate results on bankruptcy, tax lien and court judgment reports.

Cons / The data in the reports isn’t always complete.

 Verdict / BeenVerified provides a wide range of information on a person, which is one reason we’ve ranked it as one of the top background check services.

Editor's Note: BeenVerified can search for marriage and divorce records, and for location and phone numbers. It has a single search option that costs $29.95.

When it’s necessary to run a background check on a person in your life, you want to choose a company that will give you accurate information in a complete, detailed report. BeenVerified strives to provide the most accurate information available, and it succeeds with civil judgments, tax liens and bankruptcies, which is why we consider it one of the best background check services. The company did not report the most up-to-date criminal history in our tests, but it excels in finding personal information and family members. For those reasons and more, it earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

An online background check is a quick way to find information on a person you need to learn more about. BeenVerified provides comprehensive background checks that are mostly accurate and have generally up-to-date data. The available information includes personal data, address history, civil judgments and liens, and criminal background checks. The reports are simple to understand, and if you’re unsure about what section you’re reading, you can refer to the included descriptions.

In our tests, data such as name, current address, phone number and birthdate proved to be accurate and up to date for the people we investigated, for the most part. For one of our test subjects, however, searching by her current legal name returned no correct results, although a maiden name helped track her down. Her legal name actually showed up as an alias.

Address history was thorough, going back more than 20 years for one of our subjects, and the information was as mostly updated. The majority of civil judgments and tax liens were listed, and there were several people listed as relatives – although on one report only four of them were accurate.

The criminal background check revealed nothing for one test subject, who claimed she had no criminal history, but records did show up for one who said he did. However, the criminal history was not complete for him. BeenVerified explained in the details of the report that not all counties were included in the search, which confirms why records were missing. Although the service didn’t pick up all of the data we were expecting, it was one of the most accurate companies for civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies and relatives, so it’s a good choice if you're looking for that specific information.

The ability to search using different parameters helps immensely when you need to run a background check on people who might be difficult to find. BeenVerified offers you fields to fill in, such as name, location and age. You also have the option of running a national search rather than searching state by state. This service allows you to browse a list of possible matches in a preview before you make your choice and buy a report.

BeenVerified offers a website that’s easy to use – from starting a search to reading the reports. After you choose the person you want a background check on, an easy-to-read report appears within seconds. A table of contents helps you sort through the information on the subject. Then you can start browsing the categories of the report. Hovering over each section produces a definition of the section so you know what you’re reading. Any background reports you buy from BeenVerified remain accessible after you first view them through a dashboard on the company’s website.

The FAQs section on the website has a lot of a helpful information, including answers to questions about billing, membership plans and cancelling your account. It’s a good thing, too, because cancelling your account isn’t intuitive and isn’t something you can do on the website – you must contact the company’s customer support team by phone or email. In our experience, the customer service representatives were very friendly, and we received a confirmation email when we canceled the service.

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    60.0 %


BeenVerified focuses on giving you the most information for your money. The public records searches are nearly all-inclusive, and you get fairly accurate results, particularly on civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies and relatives. Reports are easy to navigate and read, and you have several options for how to find the person you’re investigating. Although BeenVerified had some inaccuracies in our testing, there was a clear explanation for why some of that information was missing, and it ranks as one of the best online background check companies on the market.

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