Pros / You can get an assisted search from a website admin.

Cons / The data is incomplete and largely inaccurate.

 Verdict / The plethora of information Inteligator offers might look impressive, but it isn’t reliable enough to be trustworthy.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

When you need to run a background search on a person, you want the most information possible on that person. So, on the surface, it seems as though Inteligator would be just the right service for an online background check. The reports produced by the company include a wealth of data, including name, address history, phone numbers, lists of relatives and associates, marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, criminal records, neighbors, bankruptcies, liens, civil judgments, property records and social profiles. It’s comprehensive, to say the least.

However, the reports we purchased proved to be less than accurate. For one of our test subjects, the date of birth, current address, email addresses, relatives and social profiles were outright wrong. The criminal check section came the closest to accurate in this test report, but it wasn’t up to date – several arrest records and disposition dates were missing. Civil judgments and liens were missing and the majority of the relatives weren’t related to the subject in any way. Other test searches we performed revealed information that was even more limited. For example, another test subject’s birth town was incorrect, while all other fields were blank.

The possible matches you get in a preview before you purchase a report are also limited. You can search by name and compare one name, ages and locations to find your target. Several other background check companies have located most of our test subjects, but Inteligator found the fewest. Once you locate the person you’re looking for, pressing a button labeled View Full Report produces the report within seconds. Although there aren’t any explanations for what you’re reading on each report, they’re simple enough to read.

If you weren’t able to find the right person the first time, you can try Inteligator’s assisted search. You can send a message through the contact form to get assistance from a support agent. Once you have an account with Inteligator, you can view your reports again from the dashboard, but they may show up only under search history. You can run another search to access the same report again.

The FAQs on Inteligator’s website are referred to as Instant Answers. They include information on several topics, including uses of data, explanations on data accuracy and coverage, payment details, and privacy, among others. The company only offers support by email, but the customer service team and search assistants are quick to respond and friendly.

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Inteligator offers a few features that its competitors don’t, such as assisted search and birth and death records. However, the many features don’t make up for the lack of accuracy or completeness of data in its background checks.

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