Pros / You can download reports for no extra cost.

Cons / Its reports had the most out-of-date and inaccurate information we saw.

 Verdict / Verispy listed more incorrect information than any other background check service we tested, so we don’t recommend using it.

When you purchase a background check, it’s important that the results are accurate. Versipy not only didn’t deliver accurate results, but the little information it provided was out of date, making it hard for us to recommend this service.

To test background check services, we purchased reports for three people and had each person verify their information for accuracy and recency. Most background checks include basic information like addresses, phone numbers, email accounts and relatives. You can also expect to see information about your subject’s criminal history, marriages, assets and other legal matters.

Verispy didn’t include any information about email addresses or phone numbers, and it didn’t have a section for relatives. Also, the information it provided was the most out of date of the services we reviewed. For example, it listed an address a test subject hadn’t lived at for over 15 years as their current address. Verispy also said that it couldn’t find marriage records, though all our subjects are married. There’s a section for criminal history in its reports, but instead of providing data about our subject, the service listed a variety of names from completely different locations.

A background check from Verispy cost only $19.95 – by far the lowest price we saw. But be warned, it is still a bad investment. Instant Checkmate is a more worthwhile option if price is a big concern. A subscription to Verispy costs $29.95 a month and gives you unlimited access to the service. Verispy is one of the few companies that don’t offer scaled-down “people search” reports – all reports cost $19.95. However, you can download the reports you purchase for free.

We also evaluated how easy it is to search for people on each site. Verispy was very inconsistent. We generally found our targets but would sometimes have to run multiple searches. This isn’t an especially useful program if you’re looking for someone with a common name because there are very limited options for narrowing your searches. For example, it doesn’t have a filter for middle names.

  • Accuracy
  1. This shows the average percentage of how accurate each service was in our tests.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 9  Verispy
    55.0 %
  3. 90.0 %
  4. 85.0 %
  5. 60.0 %
  6. Category Average
    71.67 %

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