Pros / Identity Fraud monitors financial, criminal and public records, ranging from your social security number to your driver's license and medical insurance number.

Cons / This service will not send fraud alerts to your credit card companies or the credit reporting agencies.

 Verdict / Identity Fraud's comprehensive monitoring of criminal and financial records protects your good name, financially and otherwise.

Identity Fraud identity theft protection service provides comprehensive monitoring of financial and personal information in a wide variety of venues in order to make sure your identity is safe from theft. Like many of its competitors, this service provides a $1 million insurance policy if you experience ID fraud on its watch.

The Gold program is inexpensive but only covers the basics:

  • Scanning for potential breaches to your identity on the internet, including social networking sites, chat rooms and bulletin boards
  • Searching for use of your information for non-credit loans
  • Lost wallet services to help you cancel credit and debit cards, and get replacement IDs
  • Criminal records searches to make sure your identity isn't being used fraudulently
  • Complimentary keystroke encryption software to protect your computer from malware that can pick up passwords from your keyboard as you type

The more expensive Platinum Plan, which is comparable in price to most services we reviewed, offers all of this, plus change of address records, public records and sex offender lists. This plan also provides credit scoring and access to your credit reports. In all, this service monitors more information than any other service we reviewed.

You can add your children to your plan for an additional fee. This is a useful feature because children are often more susceptible to identity theft than adults.

While Identity Fraud offers standard insurance for every active member, it does not offer a service guarantee. It also will not send fraud alerts to credit card companies or the credit reporting agencies, which companies such as IdentityForce and ID Watchdog do. When a fraud alert is issued, financial institutions require a second form of identity verification before approving a new card or loan. If you get a legitimate alert from Identity Fraud, you'll want call the credit companies yourself.

Help and support is a major issue in terms of identity theft. If you become a victim of theft, Identity Fraud provides an ID protection representative to help you resolve issues. Identity Fraud also provides an email address to resolve any personal concerns and a 24/7 victim assistance phone number for urgent situations.

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Identity Fraud is a solid organization that monitors your personal information and protects you from a tarnished reputation and credit damage. It has comprehensive monitoring of multiple personal data items and good customer support, as well as identity theft insurance in case, despite their service, you become a victim of ID fraud.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Monitoring & Notifications

Fraud Monitoring
Fraud Alerts to You
Fraud Alerts to Credit Bureaus

Recovery Assistance

Resolution Services
Stolen Wallet Assistance
Service Guarantee
$1 Million Recovery Insurance

Information Protected

Social Security
Street Address
Full Name
Email Address
Credit Card Numbers
Bank Account Information
Public Records
Loan/Lease Information
Criminal Records
Sex Offender Registry
Driver's License
Medical Insurance

Additional Features

Credit Monitoring
Mail List Removal
Credit History Reports
Family Coverage

Help & Support

Newsletter or Blog
24/7 Phone Support