Pros / Work history is included in the reports.

Cons / You can’t purchase individual reports.

 Verdict / With accurate reports and an easy-to-use search engine, BeenVerified is a worthwhile people search service.

BeenVerified is one of the better people search options we reviewed. It gives you accurate results, and has multiple ways to search for your targets. Like Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder it doesn’t let you buy individual reports, so a monthly subscription is your only option.

To test these services, we purchased a subscription and ran reports on three people including one of our reviewers. Our group has both common and uncommon names, which gave us a chance to see how well BeenVerified does at finding at matching information to the right person.

As far as accuracy goes, this is one of the more accurate people search services we reviewed. We evaluate accuracy by assessing the report information to make sure it includes accurate and current data about the addresses, relatives, emails, phone numbers, criminal records and marriages of the people we’re looking for.

In general, we were pleased with reports from BeenVerified. Like many of the services, it struggled to find information about our target’s marriages. It does provide an accurate list of addresses, including the most current residences. It also lists email addresses and phone numbers, including cell numbers that other reports had trouble locating.

BeenVerified also includes information about work history and social media profiles. Since people search services are often used to find people you’ve lost track of, finding their social media through BeenVerified is an easy way to get back in touch with them. Work history is pulled through LinkedIn, so if the person you’re looking for hasn’t updated their account, or doesn’t have one, there won’t be any information.

You can’t buy single reports from BeenVerified. To use this service, you pay for a monthly subscription, which can cost as much as $27.00 a month. We tend to like services that give you the option to buy a single report, since you may only be looking for one person and there’s always the risk for forgetting to cancel the service after a month. It’s $2.99 if you want to save a copy of your report, which is the most any other service charges.

BeenVerified has an easy-to-use search interface. We had no trouble finding any of our subjects, even those with common names. BeenVerified has a timeline that we liked which arranges all the information about your target in chronological order. This is a useful way to see where someone moved from and where they live now. You can also enhance your search with middle names, ages, cities and states, which help you filter down and find who you’re looking for.

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