Pros / Intelius provides work history.

Cons / A single background report is expensive.

 Verdict / Intelius is generally reliable, though there are some holes in its data especially with addresses and emails.

Intelius is a fairly dependable service that provides accurate information making it easily find who you’re looking for. A monthly subscription from Intelius is more affordable than other services and it has some of the best data visualization of the people search services we reviewed.

We purchased Intelius reports for three different people and reviewed them for accuracy. We found that, in general, Intelius was among the more accurate services, but accuracy varied from report to report. One person’s report had a thorough listing of their relatives, another had none. One report had current phone numbers and emails while another subject had very little in that section. We didn’t see this much inconsistency with other services like Instant Checkmate, so your results may vary.

Another important part of a good people search service is the search itself. Having the best data isn’t very useful if you can’t find someone in the first place. Fortunately, we had no trouble finding anyone with Intelius, even our test case who has a very common name. If the initial results don’t have who you’re looking for, you can either do an advanced search or sort the results by middle name or city. Although if someone doesn’t have a middle name there isn’t a blank or null option, so sorting won’t help you locate that person.

In general, starting a search with as much information as possible saves you the trouble of filtering. If you include a middle name and city, you’re be much more likely to get the results you’re looking for. If you’re still unsuccessful, do an advanced search and include a complete address.

Intelius is inconsistent when it comes to searching by email addresses, but we had better luck searching by phone numbers. A standard search including a mailing address, is probably your best bet with Intelius.

Intelius is one of the few services that includes educational information in its report. It also has job history, but it only listed the most current job for some of our subjects. Still, this is information that other services lacked, so we appreciate that Intelius provides it.

You can purchase a single report through Intelius for $3.95. This basic report is more complete than other people search services, as some only give you address and DOB. The basic report from Intelius includes address, work history, phone numbers, emails and relatives, but won’t let you download it as a PDF.

Intelius offers a monthly subscription through its Premier service, $19.95 for unlimited monthly searches. This is one of the lower subscription costs of our review, nearly $5.00 less than comparable services. Some services have cheaper subscriptions, but Intelius has better data organization and information accuracy.

If you don’t have a subscription and want more detailed information, such as criminal history, it’s $49.95. If you have a subscription though, the background check upgrade is only $19.95, which is a significant discount.

Intelius has an interesting spider-graph layout that connects relatives, addresses, work history and other data points to the subject. You can then filter each of these results so you’re only looking at where they’ve lived, or who they’re related to or where they’ve worked. This is something unique to Intelius and makes it easy to filter through the information it presents.

You can scroll through the addresses and see where each one is located on a map. Intelius also provides information about who owns the building and how much its worth. Demographic data gives you some clues about the neighborhoods your subject lives in.

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