Pros / A single report is affordable.

Cons / No information is provided about social media accounts.

 Verdict / PeopleFinders has some of the lowest prices but its reports don’t include information about work history.

If price is one of your main concerns, PeopleFinders offers low costs for people search reports with the most accurate information. Other services may have lower prices, but paying for incorrect information isn’t particularly helpful, which is why we rate PeopleFinders high for the value it offers.

A single people search report costs $1.95 and includes basic information about a person’s addresses, phone number, relatives, aliases and date of birth. This is the lowest cost for this type of report, considering Verispy charges ten times more for the same report. Some of the other basic people search reports had little in the way of usable information, but PeopleFinders provides information more comparable with expensive programs. If you’re simply looking to track down someone you’ve lost touch with, this is a good option.

A more in-depth background check report is more expensive, but $39.95 is about average for these types of reports. PeopleFinders often runs promotions, and when we reviewed them, these reports were available for $9.95. This background check provides you with criminal records, bankruptcies, marriages or property owned by the person you’re looking for.

You can also buy a subscription that offers monthly access to an unlimited number of reports. A subscription for the basic people search report is $24.95 and the monthly background check subscription is $29.95.

We like the multiple options PeopleFinders offers. Several of the services we reviewed require a subscription, but we value having the option to just buy individual reports. Other subscriptions only let you get the basic reports and upsell you for information like criminal records. Downloading a report as a PDF for your own records, costs $0.50 per report. Some services have free downloads, but this is the lowest cost for those that charge fees.

To test PeopleFinders, we ordered reports for three different people and had them verify the information for accuracy. Our test subjects found that PeopleFinders does a good job with information like addresses, relatives, properties and businesses. However, there were some inconsistencies when it came to things like phone numbers and email addresses. Some of the reports had active mobile numbers and current emails, while other reports had omissions in that section.

PeopleFinders also had trouble finding marriages. Each person we searched is married, but none of those marriages were recorded in the reports. Information about social media and work history wasn’t available either.

PeopleFinders has a clean layout and useful menu that lets you skip to the relevant section of the report. We also looked at how easy it is to use the search interface of each service. Getting information about someone is only useful if you can actually find that person. PeopleFinders has one of the more reliable search engines of these services. We had no trouble locating our targets, even those with common names.

You can save yourself a great deal of scrolling by making your initial search as complete as possible. If you start with a single name, you wade through numerous results. By adding middle names, ages and cities you can get more precise results with your initial search. If you’re not satisfied with your search, augment by adding states, cities, ages and even birthdates.

If you need other avenues to find the person you’re looking for, try searching by address or phone number too. PeopleFinders also offers a property search feature which provides information about who owns an address and who lived there previously. PeopleFinders’s reports don’t feature a timeline or chronological layout. The lack of a timeline feature makes it difficult to see when a person changed address and where they moved to.

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