Pros / Reports are free to download.

Cons / Current emails are hard to find.

 Verdict / With low prices and reports that contain information about social media accounts, US Search is one of the best options for people search reports.

We compared people search services based on a variety of factors including price, how accurate the reports are and how easy it was to find people. US Search rates well in all areas, and it’s our choice for the best people search service.

Pricing options for US Search vary as there are both individual reports and monthly subscriptions. An individual people search report is $2.45, which is about average for the services with that option. This basic report includes information about addresses, phone numbers and relatives. You can augment with add-ons that cover criminal history, social media accounts and other information which cost between $2.95 and $19.95.

For the most complete report possible, we recommend buying a full background check report. This report is $39.95 which is a standard price, as USA People Search and PeopleFinders also charge the same. A full background check provides the standard people search information as well as data about criminal records, social media, marriages, divorces, property and business ownerships. You can also download reports from US Search without paying any additional fees, something few other services offered.

A monthly subscription for $19.95 gives you unlimited access to as many reports as you want. This may be good if you’re using US Search for research purposes, as law firms sometimes do. Keep in mind that the information provided by US Search and similar companies can’t be used to make lending, renting or hiring decisions. Only licensed consumer reporting agencies should perform legal background checks for those purposes.

To review these services, we purchased reports for three test subjects and had each person verify the provided information. This helped up spot trends and inconsistencies in the service that may not be apparent had we checked just one report.

US Search does a good job with addresses and assets. It had up-to-date addresses and even flagged any property owned by the report’s target. You can also add information about social media accounts and work history to your report. We had no trouble finding any of our subjects, even those with a common name. For the best results, include the state the person lives in. You can filter results by adding middle names, cities and ages.

Although we found US Search was generally reliable, it had inconsistencies that varied from person to person. This isn’t uncommon in people search services since they draw data from a wide range of sources that may also have incomplete data.

US Search was inconsistent finding phone numbers and emails. For some of our subjects it found current emails and phone numbers, while for others it returned only a few older numbers. US Search also had trouble with marriages, in one case it added a marriage to a report that had taken place before our subject had been born.

The layout of the reports is clean and well structured, but they’re not the easiest to navigate. US Search divides the reports into sections, and you can skip to each one from the menu at the top of the page. However, there’s no chronological layout, and in some cases addresses were out of order. We did like the map that shows you where each address is located and additional information about each property.

US Search also has a wide range of additional search options. You can look for someone by running a reverse phone number search, using an email, searching via social media account or by looking for property records. Since this service can be hit and miss with email and phone numbers, you may not have the best of luck with those search features.

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