Pros / Basic reports are inexpensive.

Cons / Search is difficult to use.

 Verdict / USA People Search is decently priced, but its reports aren’t especially accurate.

USA People Search is one of the more affordable services in our review, and has low prices for the most basic report type. It provides enough information, especially for addresses, but its search tools leave much to be desired.

We purchased three reports for different people, some with more common names than others. We combed through each report, and verified that the information included was current and accurate. We were impressed that USA People Search had accurate and up-to-date addresses for all our subjects. Tracking down lost friends, acquaintances and relatives is one of the main uses of people search services, so the reliable address information from USA People Search is valuable.

Unfortunately, the reports were missing many of the data points that we consider important and essential. None of the reports we pulled provided phone numbers or email addresses. Reports are sparse in general, listing only addresses, relatives and other people associated with the listed addresses. USA People Search can also pull criminal, marriage and divorce information, but it isn’t especially effective. Our subjects were all married in states that USA People Search claims to access information from, but we found no data. This service doesn’t include information about social media accounts or a subject’s work history. The data that it does pull isn’t displayed in a timeline nor is it organized chronologically.

USA People Search is reasonably priced. You can get a basic report for $1.95, which is one of the cheapest prices in our review. This report has addresses and basic biographical information. Other services such as Instant Checkmate and BeenVerified don’t offer single report options and operate solely on a subscription model. USA People Search also offers monthly subscriptions for $24.95, which gives you unlimited basic reports.

A more complete background report includes criminal history, marriage records and other information pulled from public records databases is $39.95. The information we pulled from the background report wasn’t accurate though, so we recommend the basic report instead.

For each service we evaluated the search interface, looking at how easy it is to find our targets and how well we can filter the results. USA People Search is acceptable in this regard. We had no trouble finding our subject, though we did provide as much information as possible. Relying on a first and last name didn’t get us the best search result, even when searching for relatively uncommon names. There are no filters or advanced search options once results are found, so it’s best to be as thorough as possible.

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