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ShopKeep POS review

At last, a POS platform that loves all operating systems

Our Verdict

Hunting for the perfect POS often means choosing whether or not your poison is Android or Apple. With ShopKeep, you can have both, a refreshing change in a market determined to cling to one or the other. It is also smart, has real-time capabilities that transform user insights, and is very easy to use without too hefty a price tag.


  • Everybody gets an operating system, pick your favorite
  • Extensive guides, walkthroughs and 24/7 support
  • Intuitive and easy user interface


  • No free trial for those who want to give it a try before they buy
  • Add-on programs add to the price tag
  • A feature set that isn’t quite as extensive as some of its competitors

ShopKeep is an interesting POS platform as it is available across multiple platforms and is suited for such a variety of markets that it doesn’t quite seem to fit into. While both the iOS and Android offerings include a selection of reliable and essential POS features, to really get the system on a par with some competitors there is a need to invest into add-ons that add onto the overall monthly price tag. ShopKeep is suitable as a POS system for most retailers, including the food and beverage industry.


  • Useful payment management systems
  • Robust back-office management features
  • Well-designed inventory tools
ShopKeep specs

Online / Offline access – Offline payment support can be manually adjusted in BackOffice

Stock / Inventory management – Excellent suite of services

Data / Reporting – Customizable reporting structures to suit specific use cases

Customer engagement – Customer loyalty program and gift cards are add-on features

eCommerce features – eCommerce and email marketing add-ons available

Staff management and control – Yes, a basic setting to manage staff with add-ons to improve functionality

Operating systems – Android and iOS

Hardware – Android or Apple

Free trial – not available

Payment options – you will need to contact them for a quote

Support – 24/7 but patchy and often complained about

Working with ShopKeep is in turn a revelation and a complex frustration. The platform does quite a few things very, very well and one of these is the inventory management system. 

This system is very easy to use – even the most technically challenged will find it a doddle – and you can track items right down to the last ounce of rice but it’s easy to see how that granular level of control could be very time consuming. 

You will very likely love the inventory and back-office features, the regular system updates that add new features, the layers of functionality for the register, and the easy payment options.

The register capabilities are very easy to use and access – you can see why the platform is popular just from the perspective of how quickly you can set everything up. 

Back office is seamless, customer management isn’t complex to get into or add information to, and the reporting features are rich enough to give you real-time data from any location or device. 

However, you are going to need to fork out for solutions such as ShopKeep Pocket and ShopKeep Loyalty and ShopKeep BigCommerce in order to get functionalities that come standard with many of the platform’s competitors.


(Image credit: ShopKeep)

Design and usability

  • Quick and intuitive register interface that makes life easier
  • More control over specific functions and data needed to ensure deeper management
  • Easy to learn and train staff

ShopKeep may be another of the POS platforms that lists a plethora of features and functionalities only to charge extra for many of them, like Toast, but it remains an extremely popular system for a very good reason – the intuitive interface. From the moment you access the platform, you feel as if you’re riding a comfortable car on a long journey and everything you need is in finger’s reach. 

Your inventory, register, back office and payment systems are well-designed and fluid. They are customizable as well, allowing you to design your POS system to work the way you want, not forcing that proverbial square peg into a round hole.

One of the most common complaints by users has been that ShopKeep randomly updates without any opt-in warning which can have an unpleasant impact on business flow or customer experiences. 

By the same token, the regular updates ensure that the system is always running smoothly and that any bugs are fixed quickly. The overall design of the interface is colorful and crisp. You can see what you’re doing and you can have some fun customizing the buttons to whatever colors you like. The main menu includes a list of useful tabs that cover the latest features or updates, shift reports, sales, payments and more. 

Perhaps the best thing about ShopKeep is its simplicity. It manages to make some fairly hairy transactional elements into quick and easy tools that anyone can use.   


  • Great support center with plenty of visual walkthroughs
  • A variety of integrated hardware and software solutions available
  • Sync can cause crawl

We really enjoyed the effortlessness that came with using ShopKeep. The BackOffice software is designed with the same look and feel as the register software so you’re never jarred when you shift from one area of operations to another. 

The menu is easy to access and very quick while performance is really smooth, unless you’re running the latest update where you may expect some hiccups. Also, ShopKeep seems committed to consistent feature improvements which has seen the platform evolve over the years as customer feedback has driven more detailed capabilities. 

Perhaps the biggest complaint when it comes to performance with ShopKeep is system crawl. When it stops syncing or there are connectivity issues, it drags its feet and generally annoys everyone around it. 

This does put pressure on the retailer to ensure they have good Wi-Fi in place and that someone doesn’t set the system to upgrade at the busiest time of the day.


ShopKeep may not have as many bells and whistles as some of its counterparts and it may demand that you fork out more funds to gain access to some critical features, but it is very easy to use and intuitively designed. 

It could easily sit in first place for how easy it is for anyone to navigate and understand – it makes it easy for retailers to train staff and to switch across to the system in a pinch. 

ShopKeep has its downfalls with some slow sync issues and the need for users to drill down even deeper into reports, data and inventory management but it deserves a place in our top ten.