June is the month for graduations, weddings and other milestone events that traditionally produce a flood of very welcome mail. Top Ten Reviews has just unveiled side-by-side comparisons of the best greeting card software that can help create attractive and personalized cards for every occasion. Top-rated software offers a wide variety of card themes and styles, as well as tools for editing photos and text. Additionally, the best software manufacturers provide easy-to-use applications and helpful customer support. 

"Greeting card software helps you make beautiful cards at home for just pennies," said Lecia Monsen, Managing editor of Top Ten Reviews. "You can be as creative as you choose and add just the right personal touches to make your cards heartwarming and memorable."

The Top 3:

1. Print Artist Platinum: The Gold Award winner comes equipped with the greatest number of card templates, as well as the most clip art and photo images, of all the products TopTenREVIEWS studied. Besides being packed with features and editing options, it is easy to use, and the result is a first-rate card.

2. PrintMaster Platinum: The Silver Award winner offers fancy, colorful designs and custom special effects. The menu of editing tools make it quick and easy to edit photos. There are a generous number of card templates, layout options, clip art images and design tools.

3. Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe: The Bronze Award Winner comes from the company that has made greeting cards synonymous with its name. Greeting cards created with this software are every bit as polished and professional looking as anything sold in stores, all with Hallmark's renowned quality.

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What Makes Top-Notch Greeting Card Software?

The best greeting card software is simple and fun to use. The top products also provide enough choices in card types and design tools to make it possibleto create quality cards at home. The best greeting card software on the market ranks high in the following categories:

Features: It is important to have an abundant selection of card styles and sizes, different themes, and clip art and photo art images. It also is helpful if you can alter pre-designed cards, particularly if the template's images or written messages aren't suitable for your particular needs. Most applications also have blank cards that can be filled with custom photos and sentiments.

Text & Photo Editing: Making truly customized greeting cards requires text and photo editing tools that can help give each creation a personal touch. Many software applications have tools that improve photos by cropping them, adjusting the light, eliminating red eye and even making people in them look more attractive.

Ease of Use: Great greeting card software is so intuitive that it takes little effort to choose a template, add graphics and a message, and then print it.

Help & Support: If there are any problems with the application, it is always reassuring to know that there are resources such as tutorials or a user manual to consult. It's also helpful to be able to easily contact the manufacturer for answers to questions that arise.

Electronic communication is essential in today's busy world. However, there are major events in everyone's life when a physical greeting card lends the right note of dignity or recognition for a major milestone. A personalized card is even more thoughtful and meaningful. Greeting card software makes it easy to produce just the right card for just the right occasion.

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