If you have already installed internet filters on your child s PC, don t forget that there are other ways for children and teenagers to surf the web, including mobile phones and tablets. Net Nanny for Android is subscription-based parental software that controls surfing behavior on mobile devices. The tablet is linked to the accounts and filters that you can create from a web-based console. In other words you can access the web to manage what your child can do on a tablet. Once you install the app, Net Nanny for Android becomes the default browser on your child s mobile device and it blocks any other browser from launching. From the administrator s web-based Net Nanny family account, you can manage the settings, see reports and add or delete users. Net Nanny for Android is a good complement to Net Nanny for PCs or Macs. Or it can stand alone to simply protect children on Android devices.

The installation procedure begins as soon as you receive an email receipt after purchasing. The email has the download link, so you forward it to the device where you want to install it and then download it from the local browser. We had configured our Android tablet to block installations of applications that are not from the Android market, so we had to allow installations from  unknown sources  via Android Settings before we could download Net Nanny for Android. Kindle Fire users will need to turn on the switch to  Allow Installation of Applications.  Once you start the download it will complete in a minute or two depending on the speed and quality of your Wi-Fi connection. If you already have a Net Nanny family account from previous Net Nanny product purchases, you can log in and add this new Android device to the list of devices that you control. If you don t already have an account then you will create one at this stage before you can go any further.

Once you have established a Net Nanny family account online, you can add the user of the Android device. You can give the user a name and upload a picture. If you don t want to build a custom profile, you will be able to conveniently assign predefined categories such as Child for ages 4-7, Pre-Teen for ages 8-12, Teen for 13-17 or Adult for 18 and older. The default categories are well considered. Children do not get access to any default categories, for example Death/Gore, Pornography and Nudity. Pre-Teens are restricted from most categories and they receive warnings prior to visiting sites that feature Anime, Sexual Health, Dating and Lingerie/Swimsuits. Furthermore, if any allowed site contains profanity, Net Nanny will allow it but it will mask out the profanity. Teens will be able to see some categories with warnings such as Abortion, Suicide and Weapons. Teens will not be able to see categories such as Tobacco, Drugs or Alcohol. If you want to build lists of specific URLs to allow or deny, you can. And you can always customize existing categories in case you want to be more permissive or more restrictive than the default categories.

Net Nanny for Android lets you control how a child surfs the web from an Android device. We tried it and it works. You can filter on up to 18 categories and you have the convenience of beginning with age-based profiles that you can customize to meet the needs of your specific children. The parental software can mask profanity on allowed sites. You can enter specific sites to allow or deny. As the publisher adds future enhancements such as email notifications and application management, they will be free if you are already a user.