The WinAVI iPhone Data Recovery system devotes its operations to what it deems the two most important file types to recover: photos and contacts. Newer versions include the ability to recover text messages and call history, but the bottom line is that this is a no-frills recovery system to recover deleted photos from iPhones.

Whereas most iOS data recovery systems offer multiple avenues by which to access backup files, including iTunes and iCloud backups, WinAVI appears to only allow a direct device scan, though it makes sure to describe the scanning process as “automatic.” The preview feature of this iPhone recovery software allows you to organize recovered files by size and contacts by name, making data easy to find and determine, before a full restore, whether or not it needs to be recovered. The interface empowers you with its easy-to-use design, ensuring that even the most technologically inept will be able to navigate it effectively.

Currently, the program is currently only available for iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS and 3G. This means you cannot use the program for iPhone 5 data recovery. It is also only compatible with Windows operating systems, meaning that Mac users need not apply. The WinAVI website offers a free version and a paid version of the recovery software, but distinctions between the two remain unclear. The paid version is a single use license, meaning it you cannot use it on multiple computers even if they reside in the same household. For the price that WinAVI asks for its paid software, a far more competent and able program could be purchased from multiple other sources.

WinAVI does not offer a technical support hotline, only a web form. The FAQs page deals only with questions regarding the company’s operations, like refund policies and registration information, with no mention of any software questions. Likewise, the tutorial page deals with every other function that WinAVI offers except for iOS data recovery.

Further investigation reveals that WinAVI is primarily a service for burning and ripping video files, and that iOS data recovery is more like a side project than a focal point for the company. In light of that, its claim to be “the best iPhone data recovery tool in the world” seems to fall a bit short.

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