Pros / It has a solid system to guide you through building story structure and developing creativity.

Cons / It lacks a standard dictionary, thesaurus, spell check and word count.

 Verdict / Dramatica Pro uses simple, linear processes that can help you with any in-depth writing project.

Dramatica Pro is a good system for writing stories, novels, screenplays, narratives and any other creative writing projects you may undertake. It has several features that allow you to envision and organize every aspect of your story before you begin to write. This creative writing software offers easy-to-use tools, which are designed to reveal and perfect the art of structured and skilled writing.

The software helps you create archetypal and complex characters. When creating characters, this creative writing program prompts you to describe their personalities, physical traits and activities. You then designate the character you want the audience to most identify with and pick the character that is in conflict with that character.

You move on to Storyforming, which is the process of creating the dramatic structure of your story. In this stage of development, you answer essential questions to determine the dramatic direction of your story. This novel writing software, which can also be used for screenplays and short stories, calculates the impact of your answers based on previous choices you’ve made in the development process. This, in turn, determines the questions that are presented to you, thus focusing on your dramatic intent.

The process then moves on to illustrating the answers and choices from your Storyform. In this stage, you write examples that illustrate the Storyform as reflected by the characters, overall story, impact and other elements. Storyweaving is the next step, in which you create a scene-by-scene story treatment. The result of all of these questions and steps, through which the writing software guides you meticulously, is a rough draft of your novel or screenplay.

There are three key buttons in the development process – Explain, Theory and Usage. All of these provide information about the writing steps as you progress through answering questions and writing your Storyform.

This writing software is designed to help you develop characters, plots, conflicts and stories. However, it does not provide genre outline. Dramatica Pro includes a built-in word processor, which lets you import and export stories. The software lacks a thesaurus, spell check and word count, all of which can be useful in any type of writing.

Dramatica doesn’t have a standard dictionary, though it provides a glossary of narrative terms. It describes those terms and others unique to the Dramatica theory. Examples of terms defined in the glossary include protagonist, sidekick, dilemma, Storyform, motivation and more.

The built-in user guide does an excellent job of walking you through the Dramatica Pro process, which makes it easy to understand and use. Should you need more help, there’s a FAQs section, tutorials, email support and phone support available.

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Dramatica Pro can help you organize your creative thoughts into structured stories designed to entertain and delight audiences. Its question-by-question format to create and build characters and Storyforms can help you complete a draft of any story. It lacks a few standard word-processing tools such as spell check and word count, and it does not offer a standard dictionary, but this software provides some very helpful tools for story writing.

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