Pros / It offers the most features and tools to help you develop and write your novel.

Cons / The software lacks genre outlines, and the company doesn’t offer over-the-phone support.

 Verdict / You will not find better, more powerful or more intuitive creative writing software, especially for such a reasonable price.

WriteItNow has a sleek, modern interface and intuitive features that make it the best creative writing software on the market. The level of organization in this software goes beyond others in our ranking. It’s easy to use and well structured. It can help you to create, organize and connect all of your writing elements to compose good storytelling.

This creative writing software lets you outline and track chapters, characters, events, locations, notes, ideas and references. The left sidebar tracker lets you access all of these elements in one location. It couldn’t be easier to quickly find and open so many disparate story elements. With exceptional structure, organization and a full set of tools to develop characters, plots, conflicts and storylines, WriteItNow is user-friendly, all-purpose writing software. 

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Organizational Tools

WriteItNow offers the most comprehensive and powerful features of any application we reviewed. It can help any seasoned or novice writer develop complex characters, plots, conflicts and compelling storylines.

Creating and keeping track of characters is a cinch using the Character tab at the top of the user interface. It lets you describe your characters in detail, and you can assign numerical values to personality traits such as intelligence, imagination, determination, courage, reliability and thoughtfulness. The value assigned to each of your characters helps you develop and direct characters and their actions, and even keep them on track according to their personality characteristics. The creative writing program also lets you add character photos along with descriptions of family and personal relationships.

The Links feature lets you add a host of external and internal links in your novel, including links for webpages, files, chapters, scenes, characters, events, locations, ideas, notes and references. It’s another way to quickly access varied elements of your story and tie them to similar story elements, no matter their location in your story. This quick access to the many parts of your story streamlines the writing process with maximum efficiency.

WriteItNow has many extras that other products don’t include. One example is the submissions tracker. It lets you list and monitor submission details for your novel or other writings that you’ve sent off to publishers. This novel writing software also has a feature called Front Matter and Back Matter, which helps you construct the sections that begin and end your novel: the introduction, prologue and epilogue. Two features lacking in WriteItNow include genre outlines and a tool to help you develop settings. However, there is a tab to keep track of all the locations within the story.

Writing & Editing

This creative writing application has the most modern and user-friendly graphics available. You can create graphics to highlight conflicts, events and relationships between characters. You can also change background theme colors and easily put information into bar graphs if needed.

The Events Graph lets you plot characters along a timeline and then shift that timeline to track events as they progress. You can sort from newest to oldest events and select specific characters to show their events. This feature is great for plotting the time sequence of your stories and keeping track of the chronology of actions and reactions.

You can download name sets from varied ethnicities, countries and other categories such as biblical, Dickensian, USA 19th century and Victorian-era Britain, to name a few. This writing program also has a name picker for creating characters. You merely have to choose the options you want and it picks an appropriate name.

WriteItNow gives you direct access to the web from within the user interface, should one already be available for the computer you’re working on. If you press the Web button with your mouse, a window appears, allowing you to conduct useful searches. Preset search categories in the Web menu include general search, image search, a dictionary, a thesaurus, an encyclopedia, quotes and rhymes. Each search has a corresponding keyboard command, so you can save time by simply hitting the correct key, and you’ll be directed immediately to the appropriate website to conduct your search.

The application also lets you export documents and elements you create. Export formats include RTF, PDF, HTML, ePub, Microsoft Word and text formats. You can export your novel, or portions of it, as a Microsoft Word document if you need to send it to your editor or share sections with other people.

Ease of Use

This program has a sleek design with user-friendly graphics. The interface is modern and has a clean design, which makes it stand apart from several products on our list.

When developing your novel, all its components and subcomponents appear in the sidebar grouped by category with clear icons within a vertical string of folders. For example, places are all placed in the Locations folder and have an earth icon. Notes have a notepad icon; ideas have a lightbulb icon. We encountered no problems using this fluid and modern software. WriteItNow has all the standard tools, like templates to provide structure to your story and reports to track your story’s progress, but it lacks a troubleshooter to fix problems that may arise within the application.

Help & Support

WriteItNow offers great customer support. Emails sent to the company typically receive a response the same day. There are also FAQs to help you answer any questions you may have, and a thorough Contents guide to explain the software. In addition, this writing program offers online tutorials and handy tips within the software. Phone support, however, is not available.

There is a comprehensive PDF manual of over 300 pages that you can download from the company website. It will explain every aspect of the software so you don’t miss out on any of the features it has to offer. In addition to helpful software information, it contains a number of quotes from successful authors that can provide a dose of inspiration when you need it. Along with the quotes, it provides links to websites that contain a wealth of information about each author’s writing process.


It’s no exaggeration to say this creative writing software is the best on the market. It has no significant drawbacks, and the user interface is intuitive, smooth and easy to use. The program’s structure and organization makes writing your novel a process of deliberate and interconnected steps. It offers all the necessary tools for the character and story development, as well as a host of extra features that make it fun, easy and thorough. This is valuable and useful software for anyone who aspires to write great novels.

WriteItNow 5 Visit Site

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