Instant Immersion has core features and tools to help its students learn English. You can practice reading and speaking English in this ESL software. It's broken into multiple levels. The first begins with reading and writing basic vocabulary words. The second and third levels become progressively more in-depth by adding both common and rare phrases and dialogue.

One advantage to learning English with this application is that it can instruct students in their native languages. For example, Spanish speakers can set the lessons, audio and instructional text to Spanish. Basic vocabulary words are shown in your native language and spoken in English.

When you begin at the basic level to study American English in Instant Immersion, there are four language components. The first component is broken into 10 lesson categories and helps you learn the basics: first words, food, colors, phrases, body, numbers, time, shopping, countries and games. The second component is designed to help you speak with confidence. This component brings what you've learned a bit further in its categories: the alphabet, business, emergencies, travel, greetings, hotels, leisure, restaurants and shopping.

The third component of this software teaches how to hold a conversation in the language. You practice via video conversations. This level also teaches more complex vocabulary such as directions, weather and emergencies. Finally, the fourth level helps with business settings. It teaches vocabulary for a variety of workplace topics such as negotiations, finance and marketing.

In most of these components, you can quiz yourself. You can also print out a dictionary of the words you are learning to practice on the go or whenever you have some free time.

Instant Immersion offers FAQs and email support, but no phone support or live chat. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Instant Immersion is a useful ESL application for a broad spectrum of non-English speakers. It offers English instruction in several languages and core tools to teach English. This application has the core basics, English exercises and quizzes to help its users practice and learn English language skills.

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