Learn It Now is ESL software that can help you learn English through its system of virtual immersion. This complete English learning solution requires users to listen and practice English. However, it doesn't offer some of the tools and fundamentals that would help teach all the elements of the language, including English grammar.

Learning English with this ESL application is easy. There are three options to learn English: software, audio CDs and English exercises on mobile devices. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and you can use the English exercises on iPhones or iPads.

Learn It Now is designed for all skill levels. Beginners of the language can focus on learning vocabulary skills, while intermediate and advanced learners learn how to communicate with other English speakers fluently and confidently.

This software provides many interactive games to help students learn and practice English, such as unscrambling and reconstruction activities. There are speaking and writing interactive activities as well. A flashcard system is another benefit of this program. You can quiz yourself and drastically increase your vocabulary by drilling yourself with flash cards that cover a variety of topics, including colors, verbs, family, nature, school, time and numbers.

This ESL software offers speech analysis to help anyone learn to talk like a native English speaker. The tool lets you record and play back your speech to compare it to a native English speaker's pronunciations and improve.

The audio MP3 lessons allow you to listen to audio courses on the go. These audio courses are excellent additions, particularly for those who need more time to study the language. The mobile exercises allow vocabulary practice with audio and pictures.

There are a few missing features on this application, including a dictionary and glossary. Though it's not imperative, it does not have a companion book to help with the lessons. In addition, its activities do not focus on grammar and writing skills, so you'll have to look elsewhere for help with these areas.

Learn It Now can help you learn English, particularly spoken English, in a short time. Its virtual immersion is designed to have you speaking the language in as little as 30 days. However, it lacks some tools to teach broader-based English, including writing and grammar.

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