Rosetta Stone English helps its students learn English through an interactive system of incremental advancement in the language. Learning English in Rosetta Stone occurs through three core components: You learn, practice and play to reinforce what you've learned. The Rosetta Stone learning method is about absorbing English. It starts by teaching words instead of vocabulary lists. There's also speech recognition technology to help with English pronunciation.

You can enter Rosetta Studio and schedule a session with a live coach to practice your speaking skills, as well as play games and speak with other learners and native speakers through Rosetta World. Rosetta Stone also offers a mobile app so that you can learn on your smartphone or tablet.

Rosetta Stone has fundamental features such as reading, vocabulary, speech recognition and writing lessons. It does not let you practice conversation or instruct you about English grammar or cultural aspects. It's virtual immersion, so there are no translations in other languages.

English exercises in this ESL application present a set of photos on the screen to match to sentences. For a sentence such as "The woman is eating," you would click on the photo that displays a woman eating. The exercises progress to audio sentences to match with the corresponding photos. This develops listening skills and teaches the sounds of words and sentences. The difficulty and required level of understanding gradually progresses. The sentences become more complex, adding conditional tenses, questions and other aspects. All the while, you must be observant of what is going on in the photos to accurately match them to the corresponding sentences.

Rosetta Stone English lacks many tools that other applications have. It does not have a dictionary or glossary, online testing, or personal progress tracking. You cannot record your voice and play it back to compare your pronunciations with those in the application.

Rosetta Stone English focuses on teaching English through immersion. It provides hundreds of hours of interactive exercises but lacks some English learning tools. This easy-to-use application from a well-known brand can help anyone learn English through instruction, practice and games.

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