Pros / Language Zen lessons cover popular conversation topics.

Cons / There isn’t a companion mobile app.

 Verdict / Language Zen has an easy-to-use online platform and some unique lesson content. Also, you can access most lessons for free, so you can try the software before you buy it.

Language Zen is an online Spanish learning software with a unique selection of lessons that cover a variety of topics, including flirting, sports and essential travel conversations. Most of the lessons are free, but there is a daily time limit and a steady diet of ads with the free service. A subscription costs less than $12 per month and includes a free one-month trial you can cancel if you don’t enjoy the lesson plan.

This Spanish learning program is particularly fun for music lovers. You can listen to hundreds of Spanish songs from popular artists like Gypsy Kings and Shakira. As the song plays, the lyrics scroll below the player so you can sing along, learn new vocabulary and improve your understanding of sentence structure. You can toggle the lyrics from Spanish to English to learn exactly what’s being sung, as well as customize lessons based on the lyrics of the song you’re listening to.

Language Zen’s View Progress button on the homepage takes you to an at-a-glance view of how much you’ve learned and your strengths and weaknesses. Alternatively, when you click on the Review tab, the program shows a list of words you’ve learned along with their English translations. You can also check the Facts and Phrases option that gives you an in-depth look at mechanics, grammar and syntax and tells you your skill level in all of them.

As good as this program is, it’s missing several of the tools and features the best Spanish learning software has. It has a speech recognition tool, but it doesn’t include an accuracy gauge to evaluate your pronunciation. The program also doesn’t have flashcards, videos or live tutors. Other online Spanish software we reviewed, like Rosetta Stone, includes all the above features for a similar price. It is also missing a companion mobile app, which is the most popular learning platform.

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Language Zen uses unique conversation topics to teach you Spanish. The free version has ads and limits your daily use but is a good way to try out the software. If you enjoy it, you can subscribe for less than $12 per month. The music lessons are fun and interactive, but the lack of a companion mobile app is a deal-breaker if you want to learn on the go.

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