Pros / The site is up to date, well organized and accessible.

Cons / You can’t import content into your exercises.

 Verdict / EyeQ is the most accessible speed reading program we tested, and it has the best daily study sessions.

EyeQ is an online speed reading improvement service that belongs to Infinite Mind, a self-proclaimed human performance company. It has reading and comprehension enhancing software specifically designed for seniors, college students and kids in fourth to 12th grade. In addition, it offers test preparation courses to help students on timed exams. In addition to offering personal accounts for students and adults, eyeQ has several options for schools and professional organizations who need lots of accounts to support large groups. 
Like many speed reading and comprehension programs, eyeQ offers a guarantee – its Performance Promise states you can receive a full refund within the first 90 days if you aren’t completely satisfied.  However, the claims on the site seemed a little too good to be true – it promises reading speeds of over 1,000 words per minute to dedicated users, which, while possible, severely limits comprehension according to independent research.  The site has tools similar to those found in the best speed reading programs, like 7 Speed Reading, so while we’re hesitant to accept some of the company’s more extreme claims, we still think eyeQ can help you increase your reading speed by a reasonable amount. 
EyeQ has a more appealing workspace than many of the other software we tested – its interface is well organized and attractive. That said, its features aren’t very complex or robust. The program recommends daily sessions of about seven minutes each, and it keeps track of your scheduled lessons.
A speed tracker in the right-hand corner of the main page shows your highest, current and initial word per minute speed. You can click on progress details to see other reports about your improvement, and the application keeps track of badges you earn as your score improves. 
On the homepage, there’s a link to two math games and a typing game, which are designed to flex your mental acuity and improve your overall speed. There’s also a link to the reading center, which has abridged classics and biographies. The program flashes through highlighted lines of these texts at an automatically populated speed for reading practice. While certainly helpful, eyeQ’s library is much smaller than the one in 7 Speed Reading. Also, unlike in 7 Speed Reading, you can’t upload content to use in eyeQ’s exercises. 
However, eyeQ’s daily activities are more impressive than those in any other program. That’s partly because they’re interactive. Also, they aren’t outdated like those in Rev It Up’s PowerPoint slide program. We would like to see more content options for the activities, but overall, we were satisfied with the improvements we saw in our reading speeds when we used eyeQ daily. Still, there aren’t as many reading comprehension questions or check-ins in this program as in others.
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EyeQ’s flashy, updated platform has most of the essential tools you need to improve your reading speed. It’s also easier to use than many of its competitors and comes with specialized programming for different age groups. Our testers liked how interactive its daily sessions are and saw improvement in their reading speeds. While eyeQ says it emphasizes reading comprehension, it doesn’t include many check-in exams to see how much you understand. Also, based on our research, we thought some of the program's claims were a bit spurious. But overall, we like eyeQ’s connectivity, support and clean design.

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