Pros / Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz is engaging and educational, and its virtual typing tutors are a fun additional feature.

Cons / The games aren’t very interesting or varied.

 Verdict / Its colorful graphics, games and intuitive programming make Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz one of the best typing software options for young folks.

With more than 300 lessons and 10 games, this software is going to keep your kid entertained while they learn to type. Typing tutors Mavis and Dex guide students through hand and finger placement, as well as typing accuracy, while they gradually increase the speed. Just like Garfield's Typing Pal Deluxe, the lessons are appropriate kids age 7 or older, and it’s affordable as both a disc or a digital download.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, a lot of typing software is the same because it’s teaching the same content. Keyboarding Kidz stands out from the crowd not only because of its pleasing graphics but because of the way Mavis encourages your child along the way. A sentence filled with typed mistakes isn’t met with unpleasant buzzer sounds, as it is with some software. Instead, you’ll get calm words of encouragement explaining that practice really does make perfect. This focus on rewards rather than punishment makes learning to type a pleasant experience.

The 10 games available in this software aren’t as much for teaching as they are for maintaining and practicing. They all have different themes including Road Race, Shark Attack, Far Off Adventures and Chameleon Picnic. Despite the different names, the games all essentially work the same way: the faster and more accurately you type, the better you do. Still, this type of repetition can really improve your child’s typing skills, and switching from game to game will keep them from getting bored.

It depends where you buy it, but you can find this software online for $20 or less, making it our best budget pick. Because it lets you save an inordinate number of user profiles, this package will work for your own children, their friends and your neighbor’s children. And when they’re done with it, you can box it up and send it to your sister in Poughkeepsie, New York, so her gaggle of young ones can get a leg up on their peers in using a computer effectively and quickly.

Just like with Typing Instructor for Kids, you also have access to tech support online or on the phone. This is really useful in case you have trouble installing the software or aren’t sure if it will work on your computer’s operating system.

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The Mavis Beacon name is prominent and well-known in the typing software industry, and this program aimed at a new generation of tech-savvy young people is just what you would expect from the company that has been teaching typing for generations.

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